“and I love this country dearly”

6/5/12   –   7:42 The featured pic is my side of the room after I’d packed up all my stuff and turned in my futon. It’s empty and sort of sad which accurately reflected the mood of the last morning before my flight. Seminar House had been almost completely emptied at that point and … Continue reading


6/4/12   –   11:14 If you turn of your music and listen closely, you can hear a faint whimpering coming from this blog entry and possibly  the blog itself. That, my dear friends, is the sound of neglect. It is also the sound of me being too wrapped up in a whirlwind of ending … Continue reading


5/18/12   –   23:54 I will start this entry off with a quote from a 先輩 who studied here a couple years ago: “Cooking for yourself, especially in Japan, is like… ahoo“ – Tommy Ludwig After leaving home-stay, I was on my own as far as making food went. Not that I’m not used … Continue reading


5/10/12   –   17:23 And the onslaught of papers and projects continues without end. As such, there wasn’t even time to write about anything during Golden Week which was last week. Wait, Golden Week? We don’t have that in Amurr’ca. Ah, yeah, that’s right. Well, Golden week is a 3-day weekend followed by a … Continue reading

“these days seem long”

4/20/12   –   14:36 The approaching end of spring semester always comes with a veritable avalanche of school work and the helplessness that I typically feel in the face of all the exams, papers, and interviews is compounded almost three fold by the fact that all of the work I’m doing is in a language I’m now … Continue reading