“traffic signs and lonesome bars”

2/28/12 – 19:55 So what do you do when you’re tired of exploring the local urban areas? You head out into the boonies of course. I took a lazy Sunday and decided to head out into the cold because I haven’t gone into the middle of nowhere in a while. The village of 鞍馬, or … Continue reading

“spinning dizzily down”

2/19/11   –   15:13 So I’m back in Japan! Sorry for the belated postage, but the first few weeks were busy with registration, getting settled in the dorms, and more paperwork so there really wasn’t too much stuff to blog about, but now I’ve had sufficient time to gather random thoughts and events to … Continue reading

“kailangan ng magingat”

Date:   1/28   –   2/2 Location:   Manila, Philippines Our last full day in Manila and ultimately of our entire month and a half long vacation was basically us finishing up the historic part of Manila after all of our shopping travails in the malls as detailed previously. The old part of the … Continue reading

“saan man patungo sa buhay”

Date:   1/28   –   2/2 Location:   Manila, Philippines And just like that we were boarding a flight back to Manila from Kalibo airport. Sad days. I could have stayed in Boracay for at least another couple of days. [Google Images] We checked back into the hostel in Manila and slept well after … Continue reading

“siboh kitak nangis”

Date:   1/24   –   1/28 Location: Boracay, Aklan, Philippines ~ ~ Note: I understand the song is in Malay, but I DON’T HAVE BEACH-Y SONGS IN TAGALOG D; Note: I’m going to intersperse pictures in this first blurb of text because I don’t want them all concentrated at the bottom. And finally we … Continue reading