Elephant Trekkin’: Kanchanaburi Style

Date: 1/18   –   1/24 Location: Bangkok    –   Kanchanaburi The last Bangkok entry concerns parades, package tours, and pachyderms. Not necessarily in that order. Andrea signed us up on a tour-guide-tour because we’re tourists and it was nice and air-conditioned and we didn’t have to worry about anything because it was all … Continue reading

something old, something new

Date: 1/18  –   1/24 Location: Bangkok    –   Ayutthaya Part 2 of the Bangkok series deals with our venture to the central plains of Thailand to play in the ruins of Siam’s old capital, Ayutthaya and then our return to the functioning structure of its new capital in the Grand Palace at Rattanakosin. … Continue reading

Bangkok Dangerous

Date: 1/18   –   1/24 Location: Bangkok, Thailand Sorry for the late updates. The internet is spotty everywhere I go in Southeast Asia and it’s hard to find connections fast enough to upload pictures. I’ll get caught up… eventually. Unfortunately this means that I’ll be writing about what happened a couple weeks after the … Continue reading


Date: 1/17/12 Location: 澳門 [Macau] One of the days in Hong Kong we spent in the nearby Special Administrative Region of Macau. For those who don’t know, Macau was Asia’s first and last European colony [or so I’ve read] and it was owned by the Portuguese. The two national languages are Cantonese and Portuguese and … Continue reading

Island Hopping

Dates: 1/12/12   –   1/18/12 Location: 香港   –   九龍   –   爛頭 Hong Kong is itself an island, but the things to see are spread across the 九龍 [Kowloon] Peninsula and the neighboring island of  爛頭 [Lantau]. The main way to get between these islands is by ferry, hence the title of … Continue reading