12/17/11   –   18:16

OH MY GOD! [だってだってあなたがいた~] My file hosting site is back online so I can break the awful internet silence with some… NMB 48? Alright. Admittedly not a ground-breaking musical act but the song’s actually pretty kyoo and catchy and they say “OH MY GOD.” Deal with… it?

~ ~

The semester is over! I finished my last final last Wednesday so I don’t really know why I haven’t been posting except that now that I don’t have schoolwork, I don’t really know what to do with my life. Everyone else seems to have been posting their “semester-in-review” type things, so I figure I should do the same. I definitely feel like I’m getting better at Japanese and I’m tons more confident in speaking, but I am still always surprised at how cripplingly illiterate I still am. Even though I’m entering into the highest level Japanese that Kansai Gaidai offers next semester, I feel like my skill isn’t commensurate with that ranking. By my estimate, 90% of sentences I read in newspapers or on television have at least one kanji that I do not know and that pisses me off to no end x_x So next semester I really have to stick it out and work harder towards mastery of the language. As far as my lecture classes, though, I think I’m going to lay low next semester. Maybe one serious lecture course and then ceramics or something. I stressed myself out a lot taking three afternoon courses this semester and as interesting as those courses are, I need to focus on language study.

As far as housing next semester, I’m in the dorm. Originally, all the UF students were planning on moving into the dorm next semester, but now it’s completely different. The vast majority are getting apartments and now it’s just me and Marissa in seminar house next semester. As much as I like having my own room and not having an RA, I think I’ll be fine at seminar house. I enjoy the camaraderie that they seem to have over there and there’ll be plenty of opportunities to make more friends from all over. And if I ever get tired of the noise and rowdiness that comprise seminar house 4, I have about eight friends with apartments really close to school. So things work out, I suppose. We’ll see how that turns out next semester.

Also, on the topic of friends from all over, it’s so sad saying goodbye to the people who are finishing their stay here this semester. Here’s a shoutout to those people in Speaking 6 and Writing 6 who are going back home. You guys are friggin’ awesome and I’m glad I could spend the semester with you guys. For the amurr’cans, maybe I’ll be able to see you again. I mean, I love road trips. So yeah, don’t be a stranger!

~ ~

Anyway, there’s no big event to focus this entry on so it’s gonna be another 日常 [nichijou]–everyday life–post. I think this calls for bullets.

– Saori hosted a キムチ鍋 [kimchi nabe, a sort of hot-pot type deal] party at her place :] Because Saori actually works part-time at a shabu-shabu restaurant [which is sort of like hot-pot] she was pretty pro at making it. She was a little disappointed though that she was basically at work even on her day off lol. Sorry, Saori. It was dericious though.

Also, much luls were had when I accidentally read “cocktail partner” as “cock party.” Yeah I’m still 10 years old. Feel free to judge.

– I am having a hard time finding anti-flake shampoo here. Among other things, like peanut butter and man-soap, the Japanese market doesn’t seem to cater to those that require flake control, old spice, and sandwich spreads.

– Here’s a nice bit of engrish I caught whilst stumbling out of a karaoke establishment. It advises people not to throw up “at the toilet’s bedpan.” I’m not quite sure how you mean, karaoke people, but I don’t really throw up in bedpans too often so I’m good, right?

– Apparently it snowed while I was at school yesterday. [It was actually sort of a rain/snow mix] And I missed it because I spent most of the day in the computer lab trying to figure out this new-fangled facebook timeline thing. Dammit.

– I snuck into the other half of the house a few days ago. It is basically a second house. There is a second kitchen and a few traditional Japanese rooms and it’s where the real genkan is. It housed host-grandpa until he had to be checked into the hospital. Now it’s empty and scary.

– Gen-chan the dog got a new bandanna. I think I may like it more than he does.

– Sometimes all I really want is a good old-fashioned rowdy Gainesville house party. Not that I don’t like izakayas and karaoke, but there’s just something missing. [A keg.] Naw, it’s not that. Something about the atmosphere or the feel of these gatherings is a little different. Not worse, just different.

– The sinking feeling you get when you see that your train is going to stop really far from the stairs to get off the platform is the worst. First world problems.

– One of my friends went to Hokkaido recently and brought back some famous cookies from over there. The brand is 「私の白い恋人」 which translates to: “My White Lover”. None of the Japanese people I showed were fazed because they were thinking about a partner that was pure like snow. I was thinking more along the lines of “My Caucasian Lover” which was the cause of much 爆笑.

– If you’ve ever thought to yourself “Damn, why hasn’t anybody invented liquid cheesecake yet?” look no further. This cheese-cake latte drink exists. However, if I were to describe the flavor, it would probably be: “milk that tastes a little bit like cheese cake.” It was enjoyable nonetheless.

– And on a final note, here’s a youtube clip:

This song came out in Japan in like August and it reached the top of the charts pretty quickly. For some reason it’s been wildly popular and I even have it on my iPod. I get embarrassed and laugh at myself whenever it comes on. But it’s just so catchy and kyoo. [Are you seeing a pattern with Japanese pop?]

Anyway. Marisa wants me to learn the dance so we can do it in front of Tokyo Tower. Ahaha. We’ll see about that. Part of me sort of wants to do it. The other part of me is wondering how many heads will be shaken at the foreigners making a spectacle of themselves.

~ ~

Speaking of Tokyo, Everything is booked for my fantastic Asia adventure! I’m just sitting around and waiting till my bus leaves on Christmas Eve. Which is in… around six days. EXCITEMENT.


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