“medyo may amats na ako”

10/18/11   –   9:44

“okay lang ‘yan, pareho tayo”

*quick update*

So Takashi [first chair, I think, and the only other guy in the clarinet section] sent me a text last week inviting me to go somewhere with the band guys on Sunday. He followed it up with the question “So… are you a heavy drinker?”

Needless to say, I got excited not only because I had not been sufficiently hammered since getting here, but I also took this to mean that I was officially a member of the 吹奏楽部. Acceptance is great.

Takashi met me at the station and we walked to meet all the other guys at a local 居酒屋 [izakaya] (n.) drinking establishment. Then began the long process of trying to remember the names [and corresponding instruments] of 17 guys you have just met.

All in all it was a pretty damn awesome time. It was a 飲み放題 [nomihoudai] (n.) – all-you-can-drink–type deal and the beers just kept coming. Also, I had my first taste of some sort of 日本酒 which was 1) warm 2) sort of weak and 3) tasted like feet. Sorry, Japan, I’m gonna have to give that one a thumbs down :/

I noticed that the senpai/kouhai system is very strong in these Japanese groups. Everyone switches between polite speech and casual speech depending on who they’re talking to and I was speaking to this one first-year who was visibly nervous talking to me and I asked him why he was so jittery. He said, “I am nervous to talk to you because you are my senior.” Now that’s some serious stuff.  I told him not to worry, lol.

Takashi didn’t tell me beforehand, but when we all went [read: stumbled] into the 玄関 to pay, he said “Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. It’s your welcome party.” It was a very “b’awwwwww” moment for me. Also, we had a “second-party” [read: after-party] at Takashi’s apartment.

And that’s when I blacked out. Lol.

And I woke up the next morning in my bed with a gigantic headache and all the other symptoms of 二日酔い [futsukayoi] (n.) –a hangover. My host-mom was laughing at me all morning. I would have laughed too if I was not so full of fylleangst. That’s a new Norwegian word that Miina taught me :D

Fylleangst [fill-leh-angst] (n.) – The feeling of anxiety you get the day after drinking where you speculate about stupid things you may or may not have done during the preceding night’s blackout.

So full of fylleangst. I saw Zawa-chan in the cafeteria that day and asked him how I got home. You see, I thought I took the train. Nope. Shotaro’s friend took me home in his car. D; SO MUCH 迷惑. [meiwaku] – (n.) trouble caused to other people; inconvenience. I was sufficiently embarrassed and sent “thank you for last night” and “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” texts to both Takashi and Shotaro.

They shrugged it off, said they had a blast, and signed off with a “また飲みに行こう!” Let’s go out drinking again!


One Response to ““medyo may amats na ako””
  1. Miina says:

    Fylleangst is no joke :(
    anyway, lets go drinking soon!!!! 8D

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