“wanderers this morning came by”

10/31/11   –   0:31 ‘Sup nature. Long time no see. The past month, I’ve been cooped up in the confines of the Keihan line between Osaka and Kyoto. Although dotted by an occasional park, it is basically building upon building from one endpoint to the other. When I saw an advertisement for a one-day all-you-can-ride train … Continue reading

日本製品コーナー  ・  第四

10/28/11   –   10:53 Sorry for the delay in Seihin Corner posts. For a while there I wasn’t really buying anything new/worth reviewing and then I did and a whole bunch piled up and then I didn’t have time to write an entry about them and enough excuses. We’re back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First up, Product: … Continue reading


10/24/11   –   8:55 This entry is going to be a little long because it has a ton of pictures and a ton of content. I actually spent three consecutive days commuting back and forth between Kyoto this weekend. It’s 700 yen round-trip a pop, but I REGRET NOTHING. I already detailed my visit … Continue reading

pieces of your life for sale

10/21/11   –   22:35 To cap off midterm week, I decided to test the stress levels by trying to go to Toji Temple in Kyoto this morning and be back in Hirakata by noon to take my reading/writing midterm. Every month, Toji has a huge flea market on the temple grounds which I heard sells a … Continue reading

“medyo may amats na ako”

10/18/11   –   9:44 “okay lang ‘yan, pareho tayo” *quick update* So Takashi [first chair, I think, and the only other guy in the clarinet section] sent me a text last week inviting me to go somewhere with the band guys on Sunday. He followed it up with the question “So… are you a … Continue reading