“the beaten path is beaten fast”

9/25/11       9:50 Sometimes you just gotta climb a friggin’ mountain by yourself. And I don’t even mean that metaphorically. It started last week with a message from my friend, Rich, who studied at Gaidai about four years ago. “You wanna see a sweet-ass sunset?” As a self-professed connoisseur of sunrises, sunsets, [and logically, … Continue reading


9/22/11      20:18 So 戰台風 isn’t actually Japanese. Oops. In Mandarin it’s zhàn tái fēng which translates roughly to “fighting against a typhoon.” Which is what the Kansai and Kanto regions have been doing this past month. From a Floridian’s point of view, honestly what we’ve been seeing here in Neyagawa has been no more than … Continue reading


9/19/11      20:57 I spent Sunday exploring some major sections of the city of Osaka with Marisa which turned into later shenanigans for Tina’s birthday celebration. Due to the breadth of our travails, this post should also serve as a good introduction to some of the most famous districts of the city. As a … Continue reading

日本製品コーナー ・ 第三

9/19/11    11:37 – Taiyaki Price: 110円 Description: A cake filled with sweet red bean paste [anko]. A favorite at festivals, this one was being sold at the Korien train station, made fresh each day. Pro: Not overly sweet. The tradition! I feel very Japanese eating this. Eating fish without eating fish. Con: Not filling … Continue reading

Ms. Fortune

9/17/11      16:11 Does a visit to 清水寺 [kiyomizu-dera] merit an entry? But of course. I went to the shrine in between classes on Friday because I have one at 9 AM and another at 4 PM. It takes about 30 minutes by train to get to Kyoto from Hirakata so I figured, why … Continue reading