“and I tell myself that I’ll be strong”

8/27/11   22:36   – Kansai International Airport  – 関西国際空港

I am in the spiffy waiting area mooching free internet and being worn out from traveling. As for this entry: there’s 19-ish hours of traveling half-way across the world to be dealt with, so I am warning you now. 申し訳ございませんが, this entry is going to be ridicu-long so I reserve the right to use bullets, split into segments, and make up words, [apparently]. As such I also apologize for the poor quality of the entry. There may be occasional lapses in coherence due to my lack of sleep.

Japanese word of the day: しっかりする, shikkari suru – to pull yourself together. This is exactly what I need to do after all this.

Hours without sleep: 23 [possibly more? I don’t know how the time zones changed the total]
Flights: 3
Pounds of luggage: ~ 70
Changes of plans: ~ 5
Times I’ve gone through security: 6

I am so tired.

We need to start from the beginning, though. I’ve been keeping notes on notepad as I went.

8/26/11 – 7:53 AM

Successfully boarded at Fort Lauderdale International with Grace and Julia. I wondered why there was a gigantor line for check-in. Turns out it was just BahamasAir people being stranded due to Hurricane Irene. There was not a single passenger at the American Airlines counter, though. Lucky me?




~ ~






I’m still really tired, so I think I’m gonna pass out until we get to Dallas.

~ ~

11:13 AM Central Time

Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport

Tommy, how do you live in Texas? It’s too hot for life.

We met up with everyone [except Marissa].

~ ~

On Comfort:

Tina: “Hey, I feel bad that you guys are sitting on the floor, do you want to sit in some chairs for a bit?”

Me: “Ah no, I’ll be sitting in a chair for like 13 hours in a bit..”

Troy: “So what. You wanna get all your sitting on the floor time in now? You do realize you’re going to be sitting on the floor for the next nine months.”



Me: “First-world problems.”

~ ~

2:39 PM

Booooooo, we got the middle seats on the airplane. [I prefer window seats always and forever] But good news is that the lady blocking my way to the aisle moved up a few rows so now we have an extra seat to put all our junk.

Omg @ the beverage service, they serve green tea. What up. It was dericious.

Also, The lady that moved up left Something Borrowed on her movie screen so I get periodic glimpses of John Krasinski’s face. Which makes the 12 hour flight less ridiculously horrible, admittedly.

The announcements were in both English and Japanese. Except the Japanese was spoken by a possibly British man who had obviously not studied Japanese before. In short, things like 「ごstow awayする」 happened. British people have an odd way of pronouncing Japanese. Nice try, American Airlines.




In other news, the quality of airline food on international flights is severely stepped up. They even had sushi. Grocery store-grade, but A for effort. Again, nice try, AA.

~ ~

We are somewhere over alaska and the time-zone switching has it so that I don’t know what time it is.

ETA is 9 hours though.as;faskdafj;slbasf.

IT’S FREEZING. That is all. This probably has to do with the fact that it is -76 degrees outside.

Fact: doing anything for 13 hours takes a lot out of you.

If I could describe it, it would be–grueling.

Even the flight attendants say 大変おつかれさまでした taihen otsukaresama-deshita which from my understanding means something like “good job, kiddo, you stuck it out till the end and you are probably extremely tired.” All I have to say is, “Damn right.”

Other observations:

– They had japanese television on for the last 2 hours of the flight.

According to this variety show, freezing meat apparently yields a softer texture.

They had an awesome puppet show with a little yellow man wielding scissors that cut up the protein particles as the ice crystals formed.


[To be continued]


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