¡AVISO! / 注意!

8/2/11 – 1:01 El título del blog 「El Mundo Me Espera」va a experimentar un cambio de lengua a 日本語. A causa de que mi estancia en Europa cuando estaba viajando からもう一年間以上が経って、español で書くのがなんか適切ではありません。さて、近づきつつある日本の留学の準備のために、いくつかのブログ投稿を書くつもりだ。

And as such, I breathe life into this blog once more.

If you didn’t read the little premise blurb on the top right of the homepage, hi again, my name’s Ryan and in less than a month I’m going to be getting on a plane to go study abroad at 関西外大 Kansai Gaidai University in Hirakata, Japan for nine months.

I couldnot be more excited. For serious. I’ve been researching UF’s Japanese study-abroad opportunities since I was a sophomore in high school. Yeah. And y’know what? Now I’m actually there. It’s a goal four years in the making and being  at the cusp of this awesome-ass trip, I am feeling too many things to really make sense, so I’m sorry in advance for this entry.

I write to you from the Peng manor in a quaint suburban area of Gainesville. Here I am biding my time partying it up until I leave for Pembroke Pines [It’s south of Fort Lauderdale and west of the sun ::cough:: I mean north of Miami] [[Kudos to the Murakami freaks who got that one. Matías, I’m looking at you.]]. And really, I’m distancing myself step-by-step from UF. Literally. I’ll leave here in a week or so to go home and after a couple of weeks there I’m out of the country. But I’m taking it all in stride. You have fun while you can and then you move onto another adventure. I mean. I’ll miss it here, but I’ll be back in Gainesville soon enough. No worries.

This photo-blog is mostly for myself because I have the memory-span of a goldfish and I need somewhere to write down all the things I’ve done so I don’t forget. But it’s also for the people back home who are curious about where I am or just curious about Japan in general. I’ll be commenting about/photographing everything I see, naturally. If you were here for my Europe adventures [from whose ashes this blog arose and whose entries you can still pore through], you can already expect to be in for bad puns, good music, and [possibly] humorous descriptions of my [definite] shenanigans.

As for the featured pic up there, my fortune cookies have never ceased to be appropriate. This is a lie, but the one in the foreground says “Travel is in your future.” Had I received this before my acceptance letter, I’d have been ecstatic, but 実は, I received it afterwards and it was just a calm affirmation of my future plans. It still made me excited, though.

::sigh:: I think I’ve talked enough for this first entry. Sooooo…

To the readers, welcome aboard/back, and as always, I’m glad to have you along for as long as you guys are willing to stay.


2 Responses to “¡AVISO! / 注意!”
  1. Rachel Van says:

    Exciting! Where will you guys be staying once you get to Japan? What classes will you be taking? Are they all in Japanese?

    • ochancoco191 says:

      Upon immediate arrival? Lol, I have plans to stay the night at Kansai International Airport then make my way the next day to the dorms at the university. I’m not sure what classes I’ll be taking until they’re finalized, but there will definitely be a post about those when that happens!

      And I think only the language courses are in Japanese. If I went on the Aoyama program in Tokyo, they’d all be in Japanese and I’d be crying nonstop for 9 months.

      Yay Van-san!

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