“adventure time, c’mon grab your friends”

8/30/11   17:54 まず、投稿遅くなって大変すみませんでした。二日間インターネットは接続できなかったからブログをアップデートするのは難しかった。 *I wrote an entire entry this morning but then accidentally saved over it aspdfaskd;lfaskdjf so this is me rewriting everything from memory* Word of the day is: 時差ぼけ – jisaboke – (n.) Jet lag. I slept for about eleven hours after passing out at 8:00 last night. That’s the first chunk … Continue reading


[continued from previous entry] Arrival in Japan – Approximately 4:15 PM But first we had to pass through the B[o]ring Sea. And over the B[o]ring Strait. First thoughts upon arrival?: OMGSTRESS – No wait. The first thought was OMG WHY IS NARITA AIRPORT SO HOT. But then I realized that they probably just don’t use … Continue reading

“and I tell myself that I’ll be strong”

8/27/11   22:36   – Kansai International Airport  – 関西国際空港 I am in the spiffy waiting area mooching free internet and being worn out from traveling. As for this entry: there’s 19-ish hours of traveling half-way across the world to be dealt with, so I am warning you now. 申し訳ございませんが, this entry is going to be ridicu-long so I … Continue reading

8/26/11   5:58 AM My plane leaves in 2.27 hours. The next time I blog, I will be in Japan.   THE NEXT TIME I BLOG I WILL BE IN JAPAN.   You know that feeling you get the night right before a big trip or the first day of school where you can’t sleep … Continue reading


8/25/11   4:36 PM Most people ask me if I’m scared. Truth be told, not really. I was actually more concerned about the paperwork and financial arrangements. But now that that hurdle has been jumped, it’s just me standing on the edge of a diving board. All that’s left to do is dive in. Head-first. [Let’s ignore … Continue reading