“you gotta push all the doubt to the side of your mouth”

7/27/10   –   23:04

– Isn’t the name “digestive biscuits” just the most unappetizing food name ever? They had them laid out on the breakfast but I didn’t touch them. Feared they might give me indigestion.

– The Museum of National History is actually down the street from the hostel so I went there [for free. I love the British support for public educational enrichment.] Another thing I noticed, though. If the English like anything more than an educated populace, it’s lines. ::cough:: I mean queues. Really, though. There was a queue to get into the queue to get inside. -_- But when I did get inside it was like the Smithsonian Natural History Museum with some humour. [yes. humour] It had a whole bunch of strange extinct animals and what not but I enjoyed the human biology exhibit the most. Come on. It had a fetus that was bigger than me. Lawlz. And read what these displays say. You wouldn’t see anything like that back home, would you?

– King’s Cross Station. My metro ticket gives me unlimited travel for a day so I figured: why not? If the name sounds familiar to you, you’re probably either familiar with London, or you remember it from the first Harry Potter book. It’s home of platform 9 and 3/4, the wall where… Ok never mind. Everybody knows what I’m talking about. And it really does exist. There’s a sign for it and a monument and everything. One thing, though. My metro pass does not allow me access to the train station [whoops]. So I could see up to Platform 9b but no more. It’s alright, though. I took a picture that I deemed “good enough” and I walked away thinking about how I just made a pilgrimage. A Harry Potter pilgrimage. Lol. Oh, my life.

– British Museum. Egypt! Greece! Assyria! Rosetta Stone!

– British Library. It holds a good selection of the important literary heritage of the east and the west. Hey there pages from Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebook, Lindisfarne Gospels, Shakespeare’s manuscripts, and illuminated copies of the Lotus Sutra. No photos, but free entrance[!] so I can’t complain.

– In Trafalgar Square, Panasonic set up a huge screen and some booths up to promote London and the Olympics in 2012. They had an interview with some Olympic sailors and that’s when I said two things. “Alright, I’m gonna head into the National Gallery,” and, “Wait. Sailing is a sport?” Speaking of borderline sports. London is having this random-ass ping pong festival where they set up ping pong tables and you can play for free.

– National Gallery. Had some famous paintings but there was another, less famous, gem that I found by Cornelis van Haarlem. That dragon is devouring the one guy’s face.

– Abbey Road. Luls at what has become the most accepted traffic obstruction this side of the Thames. I didn’t take a picture because there wasn’t anybody to take it, and besides, a one-person Abbey Road photo is sooooorta lame.

– Waitrose. I had my British supermarket adventure at Waitrose, a super classy place selling great stuff in slick packaging at low prices [kind of like Target and Publix’s new stuff. Sort of] to try and pick out dinner. The “English” portions of my meal were pork sausages [with apples in them! what?!] and cider. I also finally tried that Orangina drink I’ve seen everywhere [every since Spain] and the verdict is… It’s amazing. Sadness. Maybe they’ll have it at that Europe supply store in Gainesville. Sandra? Confirmation?

– Back at the hostel, I got my laptop and started updating. In the lounge, some girl put on the movie Taken and that’s sort of the most horrible movie to play for the female travelers in the room. Then we watched Eurotrip to lighten the mood. Lawlz at all the horrible stereotypes.

– I promise, the next entry will be less horrible and there won’t be bullets. Hopefully.

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