“but we haven’t done a bloody thing all day”

7/26/10   –   9:36

Bullets are for efficiency!

– Basically the only thing I did today was watch the end of the Tour de France, as the cyclists do a couple victory laps on the Champs-Elysees.

– Man. This is just Spain’s year, isn’t it? First the World Cup, then they bring home the yellow jersey from the Tour? Kudos to them, Viva Españaaaaa!

– I admit I haven’t watched any of the Tour this year [or any year, really], but immense pros to those guys for finishing. I can barely ride a bike for an hour, let alone several hours every day for three weeks.

– The thirty seconds that they passed by were pretty awesome. The two hours of waiting beforehand while they made their way to Paris? Not so much.


– I decided to have a nice supermarket dinner for my last night in France. And I tried to be as stereotypically french as possible. Yeah, I went there. I got the camembert. I got the mousse de foie and mousse de canard. Mhm. I got my tarte. I got my wine from Alsace. You know what I don’t have, though? A corkscrew. Or a spoon. Fuhhhhhh.

– It was alright though. I ate some of my dinner on the banks of the Seine and saved the rest for the day after. [Because it was actually a lot]


– So yeah. People-watching. I do it a lot. As much fun as it is to see what people are up to, sometimes that gets boring, so I do other things. And I don’t know if this makes me a weirdo [it probably does], but sometimes I imagine what kids will look like when they’re 25. And what older people looked like when they were 25. “Yeah. That sort of makes you a creep.” Well you know what? … Shut up.

I did some updating on the blog at the Quicky burger joint [which had a rat in it. … ew.] and went to the bus station to catch the bus to London. Bus to London? Wha… How? Yeah. It shall be detailed in the next entry.


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