“young folks”

7/19/10   –   23:15

Sorry for the uber delay again. This hostel in Brussels doesn’t have free wi-fi [blasphemy!] and I have to write this up in notepad until I can find a hot spot. But yeah. This one’s gonna be a short one.

The high point of the day was when neighbour/co-worker Brianna came over and we started on the cake-baking which was promised earlier. Baking a cake out of mix is simple enough, but designing and frosting one is a different story. Tia and Alex [also co-workers] came over later to assist in the creation of this [wait for it…] Lady Gaga cake. Haha.

You can see how there was supposed to be the Lady Gaga lightning bolt [whose existence I was not aware of until said cake-baking adventure]. However, due as much to melting frosting as awesome artistic skillz, it looked more like an amorphous chocolate lightning bolt. Or the glasses from The Fame album cover… if you squint real hard. Or bicycle pants. Whatever floats your boat. We wrote “The Fame” across the  right side, then signed it. I think it was a pretty perfect cake. If you closed your eyes, it still tasted awesome. And I guess that’s what counts.

Speaking of things that taste awesome. Have you ever heard of kinder Happy Hippos? No? Well. They’re little candies that, and I quote, “make your wildest dreams and deepest desires come true. In your mouth.” I hate to reduce your opinion of Brianna to this single quote [and the fact that she bakes lady gaga cakes], but that is the power of the bloggeur. Sorry, Brianna. Lol.

Later, there were more local pub antics. And more of me failing at darts, but you know how I never take my camera when I go out to drinking establishments.

Like I said. Lazy Sunday. I just want to express how refreshing it was to be in an English speaking household for a while doing normal every-day things like lazing about on the interwebz, watching movies, and baking cakes. Thanks for everything, Gregg. Like I said, if you ever need a place to stay when you vacation in South Florida, just let me know. The offer still stands. [And there it is in all its internet permanence.]

Note: I promise I’ll try to get the other blogs on here in a timely manner. I’m getting a little backed up what with this lack of internet.

One Response to ““young folks””
  1. Sandra says:

    HAPPY HIPPOS! I must say, they are delicious. They sell them at Europe here in Gainesville. :P Of course, it’s like $6 for a box of like… five.

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