“it breaks when you don’t force it”

7/12/10   –   21:31

Hey guys. I’m sorry if I don’t make too much sense but i’m still sorta dumb from the biergarten from earlier. But yeah. I’m in Munich and I’m loving it. I will explain more in the paragraphs to come.

I was supposed to take a series of trains from Interlaken to Munich with an estimated arrival time of 11:00 this morning, but because I was too busy watching Spain kick ass at World Cup finals, I missed the last train to Bern [-_-;;] but so did Stephanie and Edward, two backpackers from Mexico who were also supporting the motherland. We spent the night sleeping on the benches in Interlaken Ost station and ended up parting ways in Bern where I moved on to Zurich and then to Munich.

On the way from Switzerland to Germany, I realized that yes, this is what it’s like to travel without reservations. Literally. I didn’t have reservations for the trains I took so I didn’t have a seat and had to sit on my luggage in the in-between space between cars. Not very comfortable, but whatever. I didn’t want to pay the extra 10 euro anyway. Btw, I’m glad that I’m in a country that uses euro again. I’ve gotten quite used to the 120% conversion from euro to dollars.

I checked into my hostel and headed to Marienplatz, the center of old Munich. The city strikes me as the most American I’ve been to. The cultural make up is mixed and it’s very modern [barring the glaring baroque and gothic cathedrals dotting the skyline]. The only difference is that everyone speaks German. I really wish I were spending more than three days here. [Mostly because everything is dirt cheap]

The highest rated activity in Munich according to tripadvisor.com is Mike’s Bike Tours, which Chase [remember my room mate from Sevilla?] also recommended. I was certainly not disappointed. The biking was not strenuous at all and we saw a lot of monuments with interesting historical explanations! That and we stopped at a biergarten which is a gigantic outdoor field where they serve beer by the liter [the steins are bigger than my head] and good food. That’s where a lot of bonding took place, really.

Let’s add to the list of travelers who I like almost immediately. Australians. I met a whole bunch of aussies. Edward, Ellen, Yana, and Kiara are all from University of Sydney and they’re here in Europe for their semester break. Belinda has been living and working in London for three years and she’s from Tasmania. They’re all hilarious and interesting people. There are so many halfies in Australia! Belinda and Edward were white, but Yana is Singaporean/Australian and speaks Mandarin, Kiara is Korean/Dutch, and Ellen is Chinese/German and she speaks Cantonese and German. They’re so lucky what with their language giftedness.

But yeah. It makes me really sad that I won’t be seeing these people ever again after our short stint in the tour. I may have blogged about this before, but there are just so many people that flit in and out of our lives. [Alright, I know I wrote about this. somewhere.] It’s these people that keep us going, sometimes. I’d like to take this time to thank them. They’re the ones that keep me sane while I’m sequestered here on another continent.


I don’t even really like the song I posted here too much. But you know what? I had to. The title is MUNICH. Haha.

Tomorrow is a pretty solemn day, though. Gotta sober up for what promises to be a sobering experience. I’m headed to the Dachau concentration camp. :x More on that in the next entry.


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