“no tengo que hablar para darme a entender”

7/11/10   –  21:39

Hey there. The final match of the World Cup is going on and I’m severely distracted right now, so it’s gonna be a little hard to write this entry. [PS I’m not sure who I’m rooting for, but I think it’s ESPAÑAAAAAAAAA!] I think I’ll be safe seeing as I’m not in Germany yet, and won’t be until the morrow.

Today was another lazy day. Brilliantly sunny in the morning and  rainy come the afternoon. I spent my day in Luzern, a two hour train ride a little bit northeast of Interlaken.

It’s a nice town. It’s main attractions are its covered bridges with flowers spilling out of the boxes that flank the sides and the [extremely depressing] dying lion monument which commemorates Swiss soldiers that fell valiantly protecting someone from something. I know that’s vague but all the signs were in German ;_; [Alright, it’s called the Löwendenkmal in German and it was built for Swiss soldiers massacred during the French Revolution. Thanks Wikipedia!]

On that note, I’ve really felt helpless not knowing any German here. And it doesn’t help that Switzerland uses Swiss German where “hello” is  Grüezi and not Guten tag. And “thank you” is merci [as in French] instead of danke. Mrgh. All I know is Abfahrt and Ankunft for departure and arrival. Someone needs to school me in some Deutsche so I stop chuckling whenever I see a sign that says Dampfahrt.

As a side note: I feel like Luzern is where all the ugly ducklings come to turn into swans. Just look at the pic. ‘Nuff said.


I had lunch at a bakery where I ate something called Schogimaisbrotli and it was delicious. It was like a sweet bun with chocolate pieces inside, for only 2 CHF! [I wanted to try the Schnecke, Sandra, but it was too expensive :P] I hate how meals cost like 15-20 CHF here. I subsist on bread and pastries. -_-

I’d been nursing this horrible craving for wurst though. [It was the worst. Haw.] I couldn’t stand it come lunch time. I needed more protein than my little cups of yogurt were providing me so I splurged and bought some sausages to eat with my loaf of bread. Yum. I’m heading to the home of wurst tomorrow and apparently it’s the cheapest ever, so I’m pretty excited.

I went to the beach/park by Lake Luzern and took a nap under a tree there along with half of the population of the town. I woke up refreshed and got on the 17:00 train back to Interlaken. On the train ride back, I looked at some more “water shouldn’t be that color” lakes and wondered how great this place must look when it’s clad in snow. Hm.

I’ve got a pretty packed three days in Munich coming up so look forward to that. My break is over. Time to get back to the hardcore touristry.

One Response to ““no tengo que hablar para darme a entender””
  1. Sandra says:

    We can make some schnecke when you get back. I just looked up the recipe and it sounds delicious. :D

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