“the sky was dark, but you were clear”

7/10/10   –   18:56

Break from the intensity today. I woke up sore all over from my mountaineering adventures yesterday and decided to take it easy. I walked around Interlaken and found out that Interlaken is actually a beautiful resort town in itself. I basically did two things today: tour the town, and take the boat around lake Thun.

It was a really lazy Saturday. There was an impromptu yard sale of sorts going on on the grounds of the Casino Kursraal and I checked it out, leaving with a couple of souvenirs for a total of 3 swiss francs. I lounged about the deck of the MS Bubenburgen as it made its way from Interlaken to Thun on the otherside of the Thunersee, stopping at small towns on the way. Everybody was enjoying the sun and swimming in the lake [which is pretty much the cleanest looking lake I’ve ever seen], and it really made me wish that I’d packed a pair of trunks. And that I knew how to swim. Haha.

Clouds came into Interlaken pregnant with rain and just about half a hour ago, it started to pour. The thunder echoing through the valley and the sound of the rain made it perfect for staying inside and doing things like laundry [sorely needed] and watching that movie with Ben Stiller, Greenberg [I’mma start after this entry.]

Random observations of the day:

– I haven’t been carded for buying alcohol until I got to Switzerland. I’m still legal here, but it’s odd that I had to show the cashier my passport.

– There are a whole bunch of shops with cuckoo clocks. I found one that played “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel. Haha.

– My earphones are breaking. [Damn you, skullcandy. This is the second time in one year]. I’ll get new ones in Munich, I think, where they won’t be so uberexpensive. But yeah. If these don’t last until then, I think I might go crazy.


Tomorrow, I’m going to Luzern because domestic travel in Switzerland is covered by my Eurail pass. Lezzdoit.


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