“some other way”

7/6/10   –   0:25

The momentum of my travel mindset has really slowed. I think I may have burnt myself out doing the million things a day routine for too long. Now I’m content to just walk around, eat good food, and take pictures. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it may even be better. Like many things, it’s just different.

This entry won’t really have too much other than random thoughts. Hence, official decision: I will relegate it to a bullet entry.

– My hostel room has 5 beds in it. Three of them were occupied by a group of very friendly, but also very loud friends last night. I couldn’t decipher what language they were speaking and it bothered me so I asked where they were from. Dammit, Turkic language family and your unfamiliar sounds. They’re from Turkey.

– Add another phrase to my paltry Italian vocabulary. “Una monetina per favore.” The beggar women here are so much more persistent than the seated ones I’m used to in the other cities I’ve been in. The ones around the Duomo get all up in your face and jingle their paper cups until you say no. Mrgh.

– I shopped around again for my nonsense shirts today. Despite how much they make me lawl [which is a hefty amount], I am not shelling out 18 or 20 euro for one. They’re actually good quality shirts, but if I wouldn’t spend 25 dollars on a shirt in America, I don’t see why I should in Europe.

– I paid a visit to the Mercato Centrale which is a fresh market that is a mini-version of the Boqueria in Barcelona. Not too exciting, but I did get a 3 euro lunch there at Nebrone. They sell sandwiches and other cheap things. I got a sandwich called a bollito that’s  roast beef sprinkled with salt and slathered with a parsley basil sauce.

– I stopped by the 99 cent store for a drink and they had Pespi Twist. Do they even sell Pepsi Twist anymore? I remember there being ads for it with that little girl that had the man’s voice but I can’t remember the last time I saw it at Publix. Maybe someone can verify for me? If not, I’ll just check when I get back.

– I went to the basilica of Santa Croce on the east side of town. It’s no Duomo, but it merited a visit. It’s also an important landmark in AC2, so I did some more pretending while I was there, haha.

– There was a great amount of Lupin the Third merchandise in the market stalls by San Lorenzo. Why that anime? I don’t know.

– I stopped by a really cool shop that sold quills, ink, parchment, and other antiquated writing instruments. They also had postcards with vintage lithographs of Florence. Needless to say, my old-object-loving self was elated.

– I have found my perfect gelato cone. Inside the unassuming front entrance to Antica Gelateria Fiorentina is a family-run business, by a father and son, and they make all their stuff in house. It’s cheap at 1 euro for the smallest cone [which is allowed two flavors] and delicious on all levels of the flavor spectrum. The first cone I had was talentissimo [Florentine cream, chocolate, hazelnut] and matcha green tea. The second one I had after dinner was lemon-mango. I liked the mango better than the lemon this time, because of the texture, but still, it was pretty much tops on the list of gelato experiences. They even had odd flavors like rose-water saffron [I had a taste and it was interesting.] If you’re ever in Florence, don’t miss this one.

– One of my room-mates in the hostel is named Gustavo and he’s from Mexico. He’s traveling alone too, so we decided to grab some dinner together when he told me about this place that has 6 euro for a buffet type deal. You pay for a drink [I had the house white wine] and then you get to take your pick from the pasta, panini, and other things they set out for you. It was a good deal, and very filling. I also got to use my Spanish again, which was refreshing after playing dumb English tourist for a while.

– I’ve been experimenting with HDR photography starting today. My first foray is now the featured pic. It’s the Duomo facade and Giotto’s tower. It’s a pretty cool medium and I think I’ll try some more when I get to Cinque Terre.

– An older lady came up to me an started a conversation while I was typing this up. She’s traveling with her two daughters and this is the first time she’s been outside of Malaysia. She asked me where I was from, where I was going, and what I’ve seen. Then we talked about what I was studying. “You are so interesting person!” Aw, thanks, Kiet. I’m glad I’m interesting.

– Oh. This is horrible news, and it’s a shame I saved it for last, but my creeper status just boosted to new heights. Ugh. This is a loss for humanity.

My train for La Spezia leaves in 5 hours. I should get to bed. See you on the Italian Riviera tomorrow.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Creeper status, eh?

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