7/30/10   –   10:38 I write to you from the comfort of my living room. The same one pictured in one of the first entries where my stuff is strewn on the floor and I was exasperated wondering how I was going to fit my life in a bag for two months. I won’t bore you … Continue reading

prom night

7/28/10   –   23:17   [Finally! A date that corresponds to the day it describes] And I’m finally caught up. Good timing, too. This was my last full day in Europe. I fit in a lot of sightseeing today but kept a very chill pace. Let’s get started, shall we? On suggestion by Lee, who was here with … Continue reading

“you gotta push all the doubt to the side of your mouth”

7/27/10   –   23:04 – Isn’t the name “digestive biscuits” just the most unappetizing food name ever? They had them laid out on the breakfast but I didn’t touch them. Feared they might give me indigestion. – The Museum of National History is actually down the street from the hostel so I went there [for free. I … Continue reading

“and I’m glad you feel the same”

7/27/10   –   20:36 Severest apologies. I’ve gotta keep on with the bullets, otherwise I’ll never catch up. – The bus goes from Paris, north to the coastal town of Calais and then takes the Eurotunnel to London. The Eurotunnel is sort of like the tunnel under the English Channel with the train, except this one takes cars and buses. Before … Continue reading

“but we haven’t done a bloody thing all day”

7/26/10   –   9:36 Bullets are for efficiency! – Basically the only thing I did today was watch the end of the Tour de France, as the cyclists do a couple victory laps on the Champs-Elysees. – Man. This is just Spain’s year, isn’t it? First the World Cup, then they bring home the yellow jersey from the Tour? Kudos to … Continue reading