“niña me voy a la mar”

6/28/10   –   17:03

I woke up this morning at around 5 because Patrick came in from being out. When I woke up again at 8:30, Chris was still nowhere to be found. I quickly got my stuff ready for checkout and noticed that all of Chris’ stuff was there, just scattered on the dining table, near, and on his bed. The only thing missing was the body. Hrm. I won’t ask.

Montjuic was nice. It’s name means “Mountain of the Jews” and I believe this is due to some Jewish cemeteries from the 9th century that are located somewhere on the peak. Nowadays, it’s probably more famous for hosting the 1992 Olympics, which is the source for the majority of its monuments right now. I went to the Estadió Olimpíc and I had a hard time discerning if it was bigger than the Swamp. I think it just may have been. I walked around the mountain and gazed in jealousy at the kids in the olympic pool and diving quarters while I sweated my ass off in the bleachers. It’s getting so hot lately. I don’t think Italy will be too much better, unfortunately.

I had about 9 hours to kill before I had to report to the ferry so I spent some time at Mare Magnum, the cinema/shopping mall right on the edge of the water. Then I walked back up Las Ramblas again. I stopped for lunch at [don’t shoot me.] Subway not because I don’t like Catalán cuisine, but because I miss 5 dollar footlongs. This isn’t really 5 dollar footlongs though. It’s like. €4,55 15-cm longs. O_o If you can make a jingle out of that, I’ll give you a Subway cookie.

I then made the executive decision that I lacked money and I had time, so I walked the several kilometers from Las Ramblas back to the hostel where I am currently chilling. I think I went through about 3 liters of juice on my way back and the entire back of my shirt got soaked in sweat. Not pleasant. However, all I need to do now is chill at the hostel for another… 3 hours until I can metro to the ferry. Apparently it’s more like a cruise ship than a ferry, but I definitely chose the cheapest option, which is just a space on the deck [as opposed to a seat in the cabin, or an actual room]. I hope I don’t have to just sit out there. And if I do, I hope it doesn’t rain.

Maybe there’ll be wi-fi. Who knows with these new-fangled ships these days. But if not, I’ll update from the hostel near Rome [I can’t really call it in Rome]. If I get there. I have to take a train, the metro, and a bus to get to the hostel. Wish me luck. I think I’ll either take a nap or finish the Office until I leave the hostel. Or both.


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