“i could be violet sky”

6/27/10   –   23:12

I slept in till about noon this morning because I could and set my itinerary for the day. I was going to go to Esglesia Santa Maria Del Mar but that turned out to be closed, then I went over to Parc de la Ciutadella. Afterwards, I was to go to Plaça Universitat for to check out Barcelona’s pride parade. Basically, anything I did today paled in comparison to participating in the desfila. Pretty much one of the craziest events I’ve ever been to, I think.

Oh but yes! Today was an odd day for bumping into people. I knew Kellia and Amanda from the UF in Sevilla program were going to be here at the same time I was, but never did I think I would hear them calling my name while I was waiting for the metro. It really is a small world. Barcelona is a huge city and a chance encounter with people I haven’t seen in a week and a half is pretty stunning. Haha. We went our separate ways, but it was nice to see some familiar faces.

I headed over to Parc de la Ciutadella and they had some nice fountains. I ate lunch there and by lunch I mean some crackers and a bottle of juice. I really am killing the hell out of this budget traveling business. I walked down the boardwalk to the beach at Barceloneta but I didn’t chill there. Mostly because I couldn’t. It was packed to the brim from the boardwalk to the water. I’d take Miami Beach or even Dania over Barceloneta any day, to be frank. But yeah. I finished up there and walked past the Arc de Trionf [What? They have one in Spain too?] and subsequently settled in to Plaça Universitat around 4 PM and watched the people trickle in slowly until the whole plaza was alive and rowdy with face paint and rainbows.

There were some people holding signs mostly about how Catholicism and Christianty in general repress the rights of the LGBT community and I wasn’t too keen on them getting all up on the pope like that, but I agreed with one of their signs enough to carry it around for a bit. It said: “La represión es perversión.”  That’s right. Tell it like it is.

The floats were crazy and filled with lots of the stuff you’d expect to find in a parade like that. Y’know. Policemen. Leather. Hot pants. Assless chaps. The parade in general was very luls-inducing and a very fun atmosphere. I think one of the floats monopolized the parade because they were throwing out free shirts to the crowd and everybody just stopped paying attention after that and crowded around trying to get free stuff. Good thing it was one of the last floats. The music was booming from the speakers and it was honestly like being in a gigantic mobile club for 2 hours while everyone was dancing in the streets. I actually bumped into Heather, one of the people in my room at the hostel, while I was trying to grab a shirt. We stuck together until we ended up at the end of the route. There were so many people there. Apparently it’s the largest celebration of this sort in the Mediterranean. Anyhoo, it was extremely entertaining and Heather and I walked back to the hostel, following the trail of glitter, feathers, and condom balloons the parade left in its wake.

Tomorrow’s an easy day. I have to do laundry in the morning, then I’m going to Montjuic, and then chilling at the mall for pretty much the rest of the day until my ferry leaves at night.


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