Barcelona: Part II

6/27/10   –   10:24

Whoo. Second day. Alright. After waking up and cleaning off the remnants of last night from my hair, I decided to power through the hangover and do some sight-seeing.

The first stop was Antoni Gaudí’s unfinished work, La Sagrada Familia, which is an enormous cathedral surrounded by construction cranes. It is truly amazing and it could very well be the most magnificent church in the world. Y’know. If it ever gets finished. Even in its half-formed state, it’s impressive. There was an exhibit attached to the cathedral that explains Gaudí’s use of natural motifs and structural and geometric genius in the building of the cathedral. Stunning. At first I thought the design was pretty weird, but after looking at the exhibits, it all makes a lot more sense.

I took the Metro over to Plaça de Catalunya where Las Ramblas begins. It’s a tree-lined street filled with shops, restaurants, and street-performers that stretches from the Plaça all the way down to the Mediterranean at the Monument to Columbus. Halfway down the avenue, there’s this huge fresh market called La Boquería which has sections for fruit, fish, and meat. I’m going back there today, once I get out of bed. All the fruit was so cheap and fresh! And they had so much Macedonia. [fruit salad]

After reaching the monument to Columbus at the end of the avenue, I saw that there was a bridge over to “the largest leisure and entertainment center in Barcelona.” But I figured that I wasn’t here to go to malls [as much as I love them.] I got some shots from the bridge over there, but I stopped halfway and went back so I could stop by the Cathedral. This one is fully finished, and it was nice. Toledo and Sevilla have better ones, I’d say. I made a pit stop in the chapel and did a little quiet reflection before heading outside where there was a random gathering of people.

They surrounded a seated band, but this one wasn’t a normal band. They had a traditional brass section, but the woodwind section consisted of what looked like medieval double reed instruments. Whoa there baroque oboe and random bassoon/trumpet hybrid looking things. The music was entertaining and it caused old people to gather in circles, join hands, and dance. Maybe it was a folk band? I really don’t know, but there were so. many. old people. Circles of them just popped up sporadically to dance to this strangely intoxicating music. Yeah. Weird sight. Lol. But wildly entertaining.


Lastly, I stopped by Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina for Pride Barcelona 2010’s Village. It was just a whole bunch of tents with LGBT community related things and Estrella Damm set up a bar that was like. 50 yards long. Yeah. It was a fun time. I got some free things and a shirt. Horrah. The parade is later on today, so I’ll have pictures from that later.


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