Madrid Blues

6/24/10   –   1:31

Last night was UF in Seville’s last official night in Spain because most people had flights back home the following day and as such, the night became: “go big [and] go home.” A whole bunch of people gathered to pre-game in Jessica’s room and we took the bus and metro to the city center, to make it full circle and end up right where we started. The original plan was to go to Kapital, the club right by the hotel where we first stayed in Madrid, so we got bocadillos and beer at Museo del Jamón and arrived at Kapital’s front door only to find it barred and locked. Kapital isn’t open on Tuesdays, apparently. Back-up plan was to go to Puerta del Sol cause there are lots of bars and clubs around there and we got into Joy, which is an old theatre turned discoteca. It was pretty awesome until I started lapsing in and out of consciousness due to lack of sleep. Yeah, but we ended up cabbing back to the hotel and I crashed on my bed. hard. at about 5:45.

The next morning [and by next morning, I mean about 3 hours later], I woke up and thanked the lord that ISA books such awesome hotels because the breakfast buffet was about the size of a football field. And it had pretty much everything ever. I tried to steal things for lunch and dinner, as we learned to do pretty quickly earlier in the trip, but I just stuffed some fruit in my bag for later. Nothing big.

I got back up to the room and packed the rest of the stuff into my suitcase, put the locks on my bag, and checked out. Only when I was halfway to the bus stop did I realize that I didn’t have the keys to the locks. Hence, I effectively locked myself out of my own bag. I panicked a little and asked the receptionist if I could regain access to the room. She graciously offered me back a key and I scoured my side of the room from top to bottom. No luck. In further panic, I called my parents, ignoring the exorbitant fees, and also, inadvertently, the time difference. I woke my mom up at 4:30 to tell her I locked myself out of my suitcase. She laughed at me, lol. Then she told me to go ask in the lobby for some steel-cutters. Lucky enough, she was correct.The guy just pried my locks open and I was on my merry way.

Checking in to the hostel was simple enough. I set my stuff down and went back to the Prado Museum because I loved it the first time we went and I wanted to check out the rest of it. I spent a couple hours in there and revisited my favorite Velazquez piece, Fragua de Vulcano, and found a couple more favorites. One of the most shocking pieces I found was one of Saturn done by Rubens [the same guy who made these beautiful Baroque masterpieces]. Saturn is eating one of his children [again], and the subject matter was pretty surprising coming from Rubens. It was well done, though. I also jotted down some artists and pieces that I really liked, but I won’t bore you with those.

Walking towards the 100 Montaditos near Atocha station, I saw a guy wearing his fraternity letters. In lavender and white. Hell yeah, Sigma Pi. But yeah. I went to 100 montaditos, which I’ve already expressed that I love to no end, and seeing as it was Wednesday, they had their euromanía special going on which means that everything on the menu was 1 euro. I got three things: What amounted to a barbecue chicken sandwich, a pork/guacamole/pepper sandwich, and a dessert sandwich which was just some squares of chocolate on bread with raspberry/strawberry spread over it. They were all very. very. delicious. And it only cost 3 euro. Awesome.

I actually ate the food at Parque de Buen Retiro which I’ve already written about. I chose a nice spot on the grass and opened my Naranja&Nada, spread out my sandwiches and reveled in the waning afternoon light. I wasn’t the only one with the idea, though. Everyone was sprawled out in patches throughout the park, but it didn’t feel crowded. It was very relaxing.

I walked around after my meal and took in the park at dusk. There were some pictures to be had, but I sort of exhausted myself and took only a few. It was nice just to walk, though.

Here’s a couple of random, unsolicited thoughts before I get to what happened tonight:

– It’s the little things that make me less home-sick. Like Florida flavored Sunny Delight. [PS. I love sunny delight]

– I saw an ad on a building and it said: “On the bisected fruit of my mirror.” I think this tops pretty much anything I’ve seen so far.

– The girl sleeping in the bunk underneath mine is named Tiki. She’s from Australia and she’s really cool. She’s traveling till the end of the year, backpacking all over Europe and what not. While I was talking to her, and even while I was talking to Miriam in Lisboa, I notice that I assimilate people’s accents. Not in an intrusive way, of course, but I change from standard American English. I hope nobody notices. If they did, they’d probably think I was the dumbest person ever.

[Edited for irrelevance – 20:42 – “If onlys and justs were candies and nuts then every day would be Erntedankfest.” – Dwight Schrute.

Dwight is right. Bahahahaha. I’ll leave the lamentation out of this. That’s what livejournal is for.]

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  1. Matias says:

    My fave Saturn devouring his children is definitely

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