“maybe we were better alone”

6/19/10   –   5:46

Dammit. I miss Señora. She was just like: “It’s time, yeah? You’re going? Time really flies.” I just finished the bocadillo she made me for the journey over here. :/

The bus got to Lisboa quite a bit earlier than I expected which is a lot better than being late, I suppose, but this also means that I’m stuck here in Sete Rios bus station [which isn’t as sketch as that sounds] until the Metro opens and I can take it to the Kitsch Hostel where I’m staying [also not sketch…I hope]. I’m typing this up on notepad because free wi-fi is not a luxury that can be expected from bus stations, I guess. [Or Atlanta International, for that matter.]

The bus ride was pretty uncomfortable and long but I got tiny intermittent bits of sleep between watching the Office and trying to drown out the guy snoring behind me with music. I was sitting next to a group of people from Hong Kong and it turns out that:

1) Win: I was able to explain in Cantonese why we stopped and effectively fool a native into thinking I was from Hong Kong.

2) Loss: I was unable to communicate to the driver in Portuguese about where I needed to go.

You take what you can get, though.

At one point I woke up and I was in Portugal. Being in Portugal after about a month of being in Spain is like this: imagine someone has taken your entire perception of the world and tilted it 15 degrees to the left. Everything is familiar, but it’s not quite the same. The signs now say “desapareceu” instead of “desaparecido” and “agora” instead of “ahora”. Go figure.

~ ~

On traveling alone:

Y’know, I wasn’t supposed to be traveling alone. Jordan was supposed to head over here to Europe with me but life happens and so does money and his loans from NYU were just too much for him to handle in addition to an extra 3,000 [approximately] purely for pleasure. I’ve gone through the pros and cons of this so many times. Even though it’s significantly more dangerous traveling alone, I don’t have to wait on anybody. I can go see what I want to see. My journey is as flexible as I am [which is pretty damn]. However, bars and clubs aren’t as easy to navigate and have fun in, and I don’t have anybody to take photos of me in front of things. I have to resort to myspacing it, which is sort of [LAME]. Ah well, such is life. I’ll make the best of it. I imagine this trip as a one-month long photoshoot. I’m already having a blast. I hope that continues.

~ ~

So yes. The time is now 8:23 and I’m writing from the common room in the Kitsch Hostel. Very kitschy, yes, but sketch? Not really. I have yet to see the rooms, but they seem decent enough from the glimpses I’ve seen. I actually arrived at around 7, but the guy told me I couldn’t check in until 8, so I left my luggage and walked around. The pictures in this entry are entirely from my morning stroll. The nitty gritty stuff starts in the next entry. It’s a really nice place and as horrible as it is, I like that the Lisbon Earthquake destroyed the Baixa district so they had to remake it in grid fashion. It makes things easier to navigate. Hm. I really want to take a nap, but I can’t enter until 2 PM so I guess I’ll set off on my first day in Lisboa. LET’S DO THIS.

Catch ya later.


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