“the spring is upon us, follow my only song”

6/18/10   –   18:35

So here we are. I’m on the cusp of being on my own again. Chase already left for Madrid to catch his flight to Amsterdam so I’m alone in the room with the laptop and my luggage set to go. My bus for Lisbon leaves at midnight tonight from Plaza de Armas, but I had to go through a bit of an ordeal to obtain the tickets.

Leave it to me to make my bus ticket reservation the day of, right? I go online and see that there are no more seats left for this bus to Lisbon tonight. I start freaking out so I figure I’ll go to the bus station and plead with the people [cause that’s rational, right? -_-] I hop on one of the Sevici bicycles and bike the mile and a half over to Prado de San Sebastián Estación de Autobuses. Only to be told that this is the wrong bus station–the correct one being on the other side of town. I pretty much haul ass over to Plaza de Armas and purchase my ticket for this bus, which apparently now has seats [gracias a Dios], and I just had to sit down to calm my nerves. ::sigh:: I hope this ticket I have in my hand is not for a phantom seat on an overbooked bus. It’s all I can hope for.

Chase and I took photos with Sra. Garcia before we left because she’s funny and nice and the best ever. Too bad she decided to renovate her balcony terrace to supreme awesomeness right before we left. Such is our luck. You know what else? A 100 Montaditos store opened like. 8 feet from us. Which makes me angry because I love 100 Montaditos to no end. The food is good, and for 1 euro you can get a mini-bocadillo and a whole thing of potato chips. And a jarra de cerveza  or soda for a euro more. Gah, I’ll go back to the one in Madrid when I get there.

Here’s the itinerary as it looks right now:

  • Jun 19 – 21 : Lisbon
  • Jun 22 – 24 : Madrid
  • Jun 25 – 27 : Barcelona
  • Jun 28 – Jul 1 : Rome
  • Jul 2 : Orvieto and Civita
  • Jul 3 – Jul 5 : Florence
  • Jul 6 – Jul 7 : Cinque Terre
  • Jul 8 – Jul 10 : Switzerland
  • Jul 11 – Jul 14 : Munich
  • Jul 15 – Jul 18 : Amsterdam
  • Jul 19 – Jul 21 : Belgium
  • Jul 22 – 25 : Paris
  • Jul 26 – Jul 29 : London

But yeah. Portugal is a good first choice, I think. It’s nothing too different from what I’ve been seeing for the past 5 weeks and I can muddle and guess my way through the language there as opposed to the 5 hours I spent in Flemish/French speaking Belgium where I sort of wanted to collapse because I couldn’t understand anything ;_; I’m considering Lisbon my training ground too. I get to test my skills in planning what I’m going to do in a city, getting around with unfamiliar transportation and not being able to ask for help in the target language. It’s gonna be my first time doing the whole hostel thing too. And booking my own stuff. And making friends so I don’t y’know. Get mugged and die when I try to go out to the bars and what not. It’s a lot to handle, but I’m pretty confident in my abilities. It’s a learning experience. I gotta be more independent, open, and friendly. If I make it out of this alive [I’m expecting to, don’t worry], I’ll come out a better person. I hope.


And now an update on La Oficina. [You knew it was coming, be quiet.]

I finished season 4 and right now I would just like to state that:

1) I would like to punch Andy in the face. Hard. For thieving Jim’s moment in the last episode.


2) Toby has my camera. Luls.

That season finale just gave me so much ANGUSTIAAAAAAAAA. D’:

Speaking of which. I hate to say it but Dr. Sorbille actually made sense. On the last day of class. He was talking about how people get a masochistic pleasure from watching amorous scenes on television or in movies because we are a third participant in the exchange [as spectators] even though we can never be part of the pleasure being exchanged between the two principal parties. Ugh, it made more sense in class. But it explains why I get all worked up over Jim and Pam.


And here’s one of the last pictures I took of Sevilla. I pass by this guy every day on the way to class. He stands in one of the niches in a door of La Catedral and beseeches God while he’s tied to a stake. He’s the only one I ever pay attention to. I don’t know why. Also, below is one of my favorite graffiti in Sevilla. It definitely just says “RAWR!”

I’ll probably update again once I’m done with my first day in Lisboa. See ya then.

One Response to ““the spring is upon us, follow my only song””
  1. K-Mozzle says:

    Yo, I just wanted to say… bring me back something cool/cute from like… Italy or Germany or wherever plz? :D IF it’s another vibrating cat though… I MIGHT just have to punch you in the face upon your return :D

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