“cherry cherry cherry cherry boom boom”

6/16/10   –   23:45

Schwhoa what a day. Alright, so let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. It’s the last week of classes and things are wrapping up. I’m done with all my work and all I have to do is go to class and turn it in. I skipped film today because I could not contain my hatred for that class anymore, and instead I went souvenir shopping and what not. Okay.

That said, today was the world premiere of the film “Knight and Day” or “Noche y Día” [I guess it was too hard to translate the play on words] and as such, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, the stars, are here in Sevilla because the showing is at Teatro Lope de Vega. Now, this happens to be a five minute walk from where I live, so I figured… why not.

It was pretty ridiculous already by the time I got there and I had to jostle my way to the front and by front I mean 2 people between me and the barricade that separated the hoi-polloi [I’ve always wanted to use that word] and la alfombra roja. We were waiting there for quite some time and it was almost sad how everyone started to get riled up whenever a car came by. I made small talk with the two ladies getting jostled next to me and they were actually very nice. While we were waiting, also, guess what happened. Surprise… a strike. I swear those things follow me everywhere.

I had actually decided that I didn’t love Tom Cruise enough to join the orgy by the barricade to fight for an autograph. I was content being an amateur [and admittedly pretty shitty] paparazzo. The lady next to me encouraged me to go get one, though. [“Todavía existe la esperanza.”] I pointed at the camera in my hand and said I couldn’t do both at the same time and then I asked her friend who was standing in front of me if she could get the autograph for me. Suffice to say that there is now a gigantic Tom Cruise signature on my moleskine and I am pretty grateful to those ladies. I sent them a zip file with the pictures I took in exchange.

It only took an hour and a half of waiting, but I got what I wanted. Way to be in the right place at the right time, yeah? And also, on the subject of famous people, I really don’t understand how they can survive and live like that being hounded by for rlz paparazzi and rabid fans. I guess some people are just cut out for it. Kudos to them. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

Mhm. I leave on a bus to Lisbon, Portugal on Friday night. My next entry will probably be an itinerary. I’ll do it while I’m packing up so I’ll probably talk to you then.


Office update: Season 4 – Ep. 7


♪Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that…Fan-cy-feast!♪


And as per Genesis’ request, here’s la firma:


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