sol y sombra

6/13/10   –   17:13

We had a pretty spectacular breakfast at the hotel and it made me realize that I really am finding my roots here in Spain. And by finding my roots I mean I think I’m developing the lactose intolerance common to many asians. I hope it’s just a Europe thing. I don’t want to say goodbye to soft cheeses.

But yeah. The bus left for Nerja which is about a 2 hour trip south of Granada. Nerja is on the Mediterranean coast of Spain near the city of Málaga and it is famous for its beaches, its caves, and the fact that it was the filming site for this one Spanish television show, Verano Azul.





To tell the truth, I wasn’t very excited about the caves when they first told us we were going. “Hm. A hole in a rock. Whoop-dee-doo.” But I was pleasantly surprised. I should have held my tongue seeing as I have never been inside a cave, because nature’s pretty awesome. It gave me some practice with taking low light shots, too, so hey. These caves were discovered in the 50s by some kids playing a game and now they’re a major tourist attraction of Nerja. It also houses the world’s largest cave…column[?] It was pretty damn enormous. In the picture below, it’s on the left.

Salimos de la sombra y nos fuimos a disfrutar del sol. The bus took us out to the beaches and I have never seen water so blue. I think they sort of beat the pants off of Hollywood and Dania beaches mostly because it’s not just sand. There are huge rocks to climb and a labyrinth of side streets with stores to walk through if you get tired of laying out. I was sort of hoping that the water would be warm because it was the Mediterranean, but it turned out to be even colder than the Cádiz beach. Not pleasant, but definitely less salty, which was a plus.

There were also playgrounds which Jessica and Chase found time to enjoy. See-saws are amusing.

Alright the sand wasn’t all that. It wasn’t fine or anything and it was more like tiny pebbles, but I guess that made it heavy enough for the wind not to blow it all up in your face, which was very good. The best part about the beaches in Nerja was findin a nice little private cala  [cove] for yourselves and just chillin’ with the sound of the waves. I was set with my litre of Limon&Nada which was more like Limon&WhitewineIboughtatthestore. It was nice just laying out even though I figure I’m never going to get rid of my farmer’s tan. Ever.

I got tired of being tired so I went cave and niche exploring with Ky and Nova which was pretty awesome. That activity degraded UPGRADED into an impromptu photoshoot because everybody was just very photogenic and the scenery just made everyone that much more so. It was mostly Ky, Nova, and Nadirah, but Ky insisted I be in some photos. I’m usually used to staying behind the lens. Apparently I look better sans glasses? I don’t know. Quizás.



In any case, some people felt in the mood for helado so we trekked back up to the city from the beaches and took advantage of the six billion heladerías scattered across town. I know I’ve said this before, but the flavors here are pretty awesome. They had Ferrero Rocher ice cream and I just had to have it. It was pretty much the best thing of my life. They need to port that stuff to the states. For serious.

I took a nap illegally in the TV room of a hotel with Daleesa and Nova after ice cream and we walked around the streets for a bit, waiting for the group to gather up to head to the bus. Michelle was talking about how she didn’t trust the apples in Spain because one time her Señora gave her an apple and it was sort of rotten inside. So. We were leaning over the side of a cliff and she figured it’d be great to see the apple she brought just splatter all over the sidewalk down below. Two things went wrong.

1) The apple was a good one. And it didn’t splatter like it was supposed to.

2) We got caught.

The lifeguard on the beach blew his whistle and he just looked at us, arms spread out with a face that just screamed two words. “REALLY? WHY.” I thought it was pretty much the most hilarious thing that had happened that day. We’re such children.

The bus ride home was uneventful and people were pissed that we were missing the US vs. England game for the world cup. I just fell asleep. I’m content with knowing the scores and rooting without actually watching. We got home and I had Señora’s tortilla de patatas for what very well may be the last time. I need. to ask. for that recipe.

Nerja was pretty awesome, I’d say. I can’t wait to see the beaches in the Cinque Terre and Barcelona once I get over there. I’m excited. Friday, it begins.

~ ~

Three more things before I let you go.

– On the way back from Nerja, we passed by street signs that just made me never want to drive in Europe. This one isn’t very sure of itself, is it. I interpreted it as “flying pies?”

– Eastern Andalucía must be stray cat capital of the world. They are EVERYWHERE. Following you with their beady eyes.

– And lastly. I got a new flavor of yogurt for after dinner last night. Mmmm, thanks Señora. How did you know Macedonian flavor was my favorite? It was a strange mix. The top of the lid has what looks like a Pineapple, a pear, an apple, and a persimmon. Yeah. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but it was palatable enough.

~ There’s one more entry. About last night, which was crazy stuff, but I have to nap before I go to watch Sra. García’s concert with the Coro de Sevilla. They’re doing Baroque music. Chase and I are getting her flowers. [D’awwwwwwwwwwww.]~

One Response to “sol y sombra”
  1. Sandra says:

    1. Ferrero Rocher ice cream. Forget hot European men… THAT is what I want.
    2. Please ask her for that recipe. It may be because I’m starving right now, or it just sounds really good.. or both.
    3. I read flying pea, but that looks like a knocked over ice cream cone. (Refer to 1).

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