“que me gusta todo todo todo lo que tienes tú”

6/13/10   –   16:26

Friday morning we got the day off for school and got on a bus over to Granada which is located in eastern Andalucía, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. So you see, I made it to the Sierra Nevada regardless, lol. From my first impression, Granada seems to be a lot more youthful, more modern, and more lively than Sevilla. It’s also a lot cleaner and greener. It smells like fresh air and not like horse doo, which is a plus. To top it off, it’s surrounded by snowcapped mountains. So all in all it’s an incredibly beautiful city and not to bust Sevilla’s ass, but being there made me wish I studied in Granada. Just a tiny bit.

The only unpleasant thing that awaited us upon arrival was that this hotel we were staying at [which was pretty swank. I don’t see why ISA spoils us so] didn’t have some of our rooms available at the time of check-in. Hence, a handful of students, myself included, had to wait in the lobby for pretty much ever. I was planning on napping before we headed out to the Alhambra but such is life. We had time to throw our stuff down in the room before having to get on the bus again.

La Alhambra is a palace set upon a hill that overlooks the city. It was the Muslim fortress and stronghold that governed the city until the end of the Reconquista in 1492 at which point Boabdil, the Moorish king was thrown out and his mom, who was probably bitter that she couldn’t live in that hella tight palace anymore, said [approximately]: “Llora como mujer, lo que no has sabido defender como hombre.”  I’d say that Boabdil was being a pansy, but I guess I’d cry too if I lost a kingdom. [lulz sam]

The layout is similar to the Alcazar in Sevilla [which served the same purpose when Sevilla was the Moorish capital] and there is beautiful Islamic architecture and geometric fanciness everywhere. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

I like that roof on the left there, btw. It looks like one of those 3d pictures that if you look at it long enough, a picture of a shark or a flower pops out. Hah.

The Generalife gardens are in the backyard of the Alhambra, basically. And it looks like the word is jen-uh-ruh-lyf but yeah. Hen-eh-ra-lee-fe. We’re in Spain, go figure. The gardens were expanded from the original Arab ones which also had a hammam, which is a bath area, and now they include this garden built in labyrinthine style which was pretty fun to navigate. It didn’t get me as lost as I hoped but it was cool nonetheless. I feel like I’ve posted enough pictures of plants so I’ll let you imagine. Suffice to say it was very peaceful and aesthetically pleasing.

We had time for dinner and instead of taking advantage of free tapas [more on that later], we opted for cheap arabic-ish food at Kebab King. Which was delicious and well worth the money. It makes me want to check out Falafel King back in Gainesville. I’ll put it on my to-do list. But yeah, after our early dinner, we walked through the Albaicín Arab quarter which was the equivalent of walking up a mountain with poorly paved stairs to get to the Mirador San… something-or-other and that’s where I took the featured pic for this entry. Well worth the walk up there, but I woud have totally paid 1 euro if there were a gigantic slide that just went all the way down the hill. In fact, I’d pay 5 euro for that. [You should capitalize on this awesome idea, Ayuntamiento de Granada. Just sayin’.]

After the Mirador, we went to go see a flamenco show in a CAVE. When they first said that, I was expecting gypsies in the light of oil lamps, but it wasn’t quite what I got. Very entertaining, though. It’s like riverdance on crack with awesome guitar work and lots of Spanish flair. Thumbs up for the flamenco dancers of Los Tarantos. Apparently there was a lady outside selling castanets as souvenirs and the sign said “recuerdos de Granada”. In an attempt to be tourist-friendly, they translated it into English. Horribly. The sign beneath it said: “memories of Grenade”. Beautiful. I wish I’d have gotten a picture, but no me di cuenta at the time.

A lot of people went out to eat afterwards and we took advantage of the fact that Granada is one of the two places in Spain where they practice the custom of free tapas with your drink. It’s a pretty amazing deal. 4 Euro for a huge stein of beer [Alhambra, of course], a ham and cheese bocadillo, and fries. Once you finish that, for two more euro you get another caña of beer [or tinto or coke or whatever you like], a hamburger, crab croquettes and olives. I was feelin’ pretty good by the time we got back to the hotel. Some people went out but I opted to stay in and catch a couple hours of sleep before heading to Nerja the next morning.


On a completely unrelated note, I usually get these boxes of leche y zumo  [meaning milk and juice] which sounds really gross but really is delicious. There’s this one brand that sells two types: On: para animarte, and Off: para relajarte. I was just thinking how I really wish it were that easy to just switch yourself on and off. Maybe I wouldn’t be sleeping in film so often, or staying up till 7:30 in the morning doing nothing.

Wait. Watching the Office doesn’t count as nothing. :P Yup. Still hooked.


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