“i feel i’m losing control”

6/14/10   –   0:59

Sorry. Like I said. I never have pictures of going out because I don’t bring my camera. So here I am being misleading because this entry is mostly about clubbing shenanigans and not Sra. Garcia’s concert [which I will touch on later.] But yeah. Again, apologies for the dearth of pictures. There were enough in the previous two entries to tide ya over, yeah? If not. uh. deal with it.

On our way back from Nerja, Michelle was talking about hitting up Calle Betis that night, with the goal of being out till the sun came up. I told her I was down and a whole bunch of us were going to go botellón by Torre del Oro. I proposed that buying a bottle of rum would be a lot more efficient and cost effective than the boxed wine we usually get, so we had a bottle of the cheapest rum evar [which was 8 euro. Not bad] and Chase and I picked up Michelle to go to the place. Long story short, we got robbed.

Ok. I feel like that deserves an explanation. So Chase, Michelle, and I are sitting under the tower and we’re waiting for the others to show up. This group of guys and one girl comes up to us really close and they start talking to us in Spanish. There are a lot of them and they keep asking for cigarettes and lights and at some point they start grabbing the bottle of wine and the bottle of rum that we had on us and we’re just like. What the fuck. Except nobody said anything. The girl in the group just kept handing back our stuff, which I guess was nice, but I guess she was just a decoy because when they left Michelle was like “… they stole our rum.” I was angry and I guess we were a little shaken that that had occurred. But yeah. I guess we just need to be more careful. We came to the consensus that at least it was just an 8 euro bottle of rum and not like. Our wallets. Or y’know. Our lives. We didn’t want to get in a confrontation over something that small. Yeah. It put a little damper on the beginning of the night, but after half a bottle of wine, I was good and everyone was ready to rage over at Calle Betis.

It was fun. We went to Big Ben first, and then Alimbique next door. Honey rum and Jagerbombs are pretty popular I guess because that seemed to be all anyone was taking. Honey rum is good by the way, and I already know that Jagerbombs and me do not mix. I get too messed up too quickly. Hah. In any case, it was fun. We ended up at a club and danced there for a long time until people got tired. Danny, David, Caitlyn, and Victoria got tired and headed home, but Jessica, Kayla, Michelle, Chase, and I chugged on until around 5:30 when we decided we needed to get outside. We walked around Calle Betis for a while and we decided we needed churros. There was a procession going on in Triana for the 450th anniversary of something or other and I saw a lighted Jesus float coming towards us. However Kayla insisted: “I love Jesus and all, but churros come first.” And that’s how we got around to sitting on the floor by the churrería eating churros con chocolate and waiting for the sun to come up. Right before we got back to Plaza de Cuba, we hear one of the clubs on the riverfront playing the most amazing [read: horrible] song ever. Aka “What’s up” by Four non Blondes. [And I wake in the morning and I step outsiiiide and I take a deep breath and I get real highhh and I. scream at the top of my lungs. WHAT’S GOING ON.] Which was sort of how I felt at the time.

We made it though. The sky went from black to violet, indigo, and finally a cloud smattered deep blue. Well done ladies and gentleman. I call success.

We went to Sra. Garcia’s choral concert earlier tonight and it was pretty cool. I’m not that into baroque [I’m more romantic or classical] but it was entertaining and it made me miss performing. She sent us a text later: “La cena esta en la cocina.” And then a few minutes after that: “Gracias por venir” Nicest. Lady. Ever.

World Cup madness has taken over Europe. It’s all over the news now that it’s officially started and I’m having fun watching the scoreboards get updated as the days go by.

Also. Happy Philippine Independence Day! ^_^

Two days ago.. ^_^;; [whoops] Nonethless, kalayaan! Horrah!

On a completely unrelated note.. What am I talking about. This entire entry was a series of unrelated notes. But yeah. Karen. Stop inadvertently being a bitch to Pam, kthx. Just cause you work at Scranton now doesn’t mean you can get all up on that shizz. I’mma try to finish Season 3 tonight. [Edit: 2:22 AM, 3 or 4 episodes later] Omg Jim, not you too. Stop it! You’re ruining my world view that everything is supposed to work out. D’:

Ah, and the song on the top of the page is the other song that’s raging all around Iberia and probably Europe from Lagos to Sevilla to Barcelona. It’s called Stereo Love and I enjoy their use of the accordion.


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