“and you know how much I hate waiting around ’round ’round”

6/7/10     –     21:00

No, the glaring expanse of emptiness as a featured pic is no mistake. It’s me chastising myself for a bad habit of mine. So imagine me going out on one of my explorations with my camera and finding a perfect shot. I line it up and snap the photo. And several others just to be safe. When I go to review the pics, I see the message at right, which basically says “Ryan. You’re a dumbass.”  And then I don’t get any more pictures the rest of the day. This has happened no less than four times over the course of this trip, to include yesterday when I was exporin’. But yeah. I’ll try not to do that anymore. Gotta remember to check if my card is in before I leave.

Awesome. Alright. So you know all that down-time I have? I go on musicninja  a lot and scout for new music. But I like the old-fashioned friend recommendation too. Thanks Matías for the artist at top: Zee Avi. She’s from Malaysia and I like her style. Probably because when she comes up on shuffle, it makes good background music for whatever I’m doing at the time, which is usually walking around town or lazing about in my room. She needs to do more songs in Malay, though. Kantoi is good and I want more. Her voice is beautiful.

You know what else I did with my Sunday? I watched the rest of Glee up til’ sectionals. So good. It’s taking all my self-control not to get fully caught up, but I’ve got an obligation to Kelli and Susan to glee-a-thon once we get back to the states. I’m keeping myself busy with Office season 2 and Voy a Explotar, though, so s’all good.

Chase came back from Barcelona yesterday and apparently the clubbing scene over there is ridiculous. He speaks of a bar called Chupitos [shots] with 500 different kinds of cheap shots. Colored ones. Flaming ones. Ones that involve audience participation. Sounds interesting, to say the least. Haha. His stories sure beat the hell out of my weekend. But I guess I’m not tired, which is one thing I have above him. Can’t wait to go to Barcelona, though. Sounds like a spiffy place.

Sra. Garcia’s opinion on Barcelon…ans and Catalonia in general: Ellos en Cataluña viven para trabajar. Aquí en Andalucía, trabajamos para vivir.  I like Andalusia’s world-view better, too, Sra. Gacia.

Ok. So. Non-photographed adventures on Sunday. I finished Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close which gave me heavy boots such that I had to go for a very long walk to clear my head. I thought a nice destination would be Cartuja which is on the opposite side of town on my side of the river. There are gardens and stuff there that were built when Sevilla hosted the 92′ World Expo. To tell the truth, the entire journey may have depressed me further, lol. Firstly, the walk to the place on this side of the river passes by this huge squatter settlement and I guess it was just reality seeing all the people bathing and washing clothes by the river, but I sorta felt unsafe with my tourist-looking self. I crossed the next bridge and re-crossed at the gardens. I feel like no one has used the grounds since 1992 because everything was overgrown, nothing was open, and it was deserted. Then again, it was Sunday, but still. I mean I could have gotten some pictures of some great examples of urban decay, but hey. You understand what happened there, though >_>;;

I made my way home nearing the end of the day and it was a nice walk by the river. Successful head-clearage but at a price. My shoes finally gave in to the lack of smoothly paved roads here. The left one is starting to fall apart, but I can be ghetto and tape it up. If it gets too ridiculous, I’ll just get another pair at Decimas.

Hrm. Qué más… Seeing as this is a nothing post, I guess I’ll place this nothing observation/comment in here too.

Blog-spiration. As an amateur bloggeur [luls] the most I can hope for is that these entries help you while away the time while you’re languishing in Summer A or procrastinating on something important you should be doing. I try to make myself entertaining but I know sometimes I tend to drag, in which case, you can go look at these other blogs. I use them to pass the time when I’m not doing anything in particular.

You’re a grown man makes me feel like I’m learning life lessons. While lawling simultaneously.

–  I already mentioned 1000awesomethings.com in one of my pre-departure entries but it’s worth another mention. I like Neil’s short entries and the fact that it’s updated every weekday.

– I drew a lot of blog-spiration for this blog from otherjoseph’s livejournal. This guy is an almost-graduate at University of the Philippines. His witty captions are almost as amazing as his photography. I also stole the idea of song-lyric post titles from him. Here’s your credit, Joseph.

To close, this blog was originally mostly for myself. [And sandra, because she said she was going to live vicariously through me while I was in Europe] However, if you’re here for the ride, even for part of it, I’m glad you are. Here’s a thanks to you.

3 Responses to ““and you know how much I hate waiting around ’round ’round””
  1. Sandra says:

    Yep yep. I just imagined myself taking colored shots. Flaming shots. And one that required me to do a whole lot of crazy shit before I was allowed to drink it. It was quite an adventure. Thank ya, sir. I am also glad you are still having a good time.

    • ochancoco191 says:

      SANDAR. lydek. I wish you were there with me to see the trannie drag-esque flamenco show I just happened to drop in on which I won’t elaborate on in here because wordpress is too weak for hxc stuff like that.

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