“ma se bevi whiskey and soda . po’ te sente ‘e disturbá”

6/2/10    –    20:36

Couple of notes. Firstly, with regards to the featured pic, I’m a liar and a thief. You see, I never bring my camera when I head out for the night, so I rely on people that do to upload them on facebook. [Photocred goes to Jessica for this one] Also, I wasn’t actually there when this pic was taken. But I’m using it as a visual aid for what I’m about to explain.

I feel as if I haven’t defined the process of botellón yet. It’s in essence a form of pre-gaming in which you evade the 6 euro drinks at the bars and clubs by purchasing alcohol and mixers beforehand [boxed wine + 2L Fanta Limón = 2 euro] and meeting up to hacer botellón in a predetermined location. Once you are jacked up and good to go, you head out to the clubs with a smug feeling that you have cheated the system. Popular places for this are largely by the river in Sevilla.

Last night a bunch of people went out to do just that with intentions of heading out to this outside terraza/club which is basically right in the middle of Parque María Luisa. Chase had purchased supplies beforehand and we were all to meet under the Torre del Oro by Puente Isabel II. We picked up Michelle who lives in Los Remedios as well and arrived at the destination at which point severe classiness ensued.

Vino tinto and fanta limón do it for me. Vino Rosado and fanta naranja zero, however, do not. But yes. It was about a dozen of us chillin’ under this gigantic monument drinking cheap wine out of plastic cups. And we were surrounded by a dozen other groups of people doing the same. Oh botellón. David, the other resident Asian in the group, gets severely red and inebriated quite quickly and at some point he asked me if I ever get hangovers. Apparently we both rarely do, leading me to reveal my brilliant conclusion that:

“It takes so little to get Asians inebriated that we end up drinking enough to have fun, but never enough to feel it the next day.”

Obviously, there are exceptions [see Jerez/Cádiz entry] but I think it makes sense.

The terraza was pretty awesome. We got a free drink with entry and we all just tore up that dance floor. Speaking of which, every club I’ve been to plays this one song. The one I posted up at the top of the page. It’s not particularly good, I don’t think, but I just hear it everywhere. Even on television. Craziness. I also took time to observe club dynamics. I never realized how hard a time girls have trying not to get crept on while they’re dancing. Or even while they’re not dancing. Chase, David, Danny, and I had to keep a  protective barrier around the cluster of girls to fend off the creepers, lol. And if we weren’t there, they had to be intent on dancing with each other.

Some people got tuckered out at around 4 so we started for home, but the greenery of Parque Maria Luisa was still pulsing with the dance music and probably would be until the sun came up. España is mos def a country of the night.

I’ll put up some actual pictures when they appear on facebook :P

~ ~

– Spanish news is so much more depressing than American news. Sra. Garcia puts on the noticias every night during dinner and every story is about a murder, a kidnapping, or a strike happening somewhere in Spain. They also show more graphic material than in the States so it doesn’t make for good dinner time programming, I’d have to say.

– Sra. Garcia offered us the use of the AC unit in our room. We gladly took her up on that and now I never want to leave the house. I mean. We don’t use it at night, but during the day, I just want to stay on my bed with my computer. Whoever invented AC has my eternal thanks. I don’t know how people resisted just sleeping all day before its invention.

– But yeah. Temperatures are jumping from the upper 90s to the mid 100s during the day. I really wish there were a pool somewhere, but I think the closest public pool is in the Olympic stadium outside of town. Walking home from school at 6 PM, I entertain thoughts of  throwing myself over the railing of the Los Remedios bridge and into the Guadalquivir.

– I’m getting to be such a homebody. Everyone goes to these things like watching flamenco and eating out, but I often opt to stay in. I’m not being tacaño, I swear! I’m just keeping my finances in mind for after the study abroad program ends. In the same vein, I’m staying in for the Corpus Christi weekend. The Sierra Nevada are nice and all, but I can use that money to head up the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland! Why settle for the highest peak in Iberia when you can get the highest peak in Europe. I’ve got bigger [and more scenic] mountains to… fry. Chase is heading with some people to Barcelona so I’ve got the room to myself for four days. We’ll see if I don’t go crazy.

– My Barclay’s/Bank of America problem fixed itself :] The first thing I bought after rejoicing when my money came out of the ATM was the first pair of books in the Hitchhiker’s Guide series. El guía del autoestopista galáctico and El restaurante del fin del universo. I’m quite content :D

Corpus Christi is tomorrow morning. I’m gonna be in attendance along with half of Sevilla. Right now, the Municipal Orchestra of Sevilla is having a pre-corpus christi concert in Plaza San Francisco. I’m going to go get some ice cream and head over there riiiiiiiiiight now.


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