“don’t you waste me in the ground”

As a preface, I’m sorry for all the sleepy chill acoustic music. I think of blog ideas in the morning and late afternoon usually, and that feeling sort of bleeds into the soundtrack selection :x

School is school, language is fine and non-work-intensive. A whole new batch of ISA students came in from all over so now we have Carnegie Mellon Students and University of Texas students and all sorts milling about the school-building. I miss the calm. I also miss being able to maneuver through the bars on Calle Betis without hitting masses of Americans. Not that I feel comfortable in the Spaniard bars, my favorite is actually Alimbique, which caters to int’l students. But now it’s crowded and it sorta cramps the chill vibe. Oh well. This isn’t about school.

I keep myself busy. I take random trips to places in and around town. I’m trying to build my sense of independence up for when I get pushed off the cliff and have to face Europe  by myself in…. three weeks. [Damn] I’m excited. And anxious. And scared. And all the feelings I had before my first departure all over again.

Enough of that. Time for a real update. And pictures [of course]. In no particular order. I’ve lost track of time.

I’m currently cash-less. And this won’t be able to fix itself until tomorrow morning. I went to an ATM at Barclay’s, Bank of America’s partner in Europe, and it wouldn’t accept my PIN so I tried again. And it invalidated my card. Bank of America customer service is hard to get a hold of whilst overseas so I sort of almost punched a baby when Movistar, the cell phone service, cut off my phone call to warn me that I was about to run out of minutes. Fail. Now I have to recharge my phone and withdraw money tomorrow morning when they reset my PIN. -_- It got me all stressed out about 3 hours ago, but I’m better now.

On a lighter note, I found the entire Hitchhiker’s Guide series in Spanish at the librería down the street and I am currently elated. Once I get that money, I’m buying the first two in the series. Speaking of finding what I wanted. I found cheap shirts! GAH. So happy. They’re pretty snazzy. I’m intending on buying three. The fourth one is debatable. It’s red [a color I never wear] but it says: “My system this operating” and on the back it says “TO ACCEDE”. It’s just so absurd. I want it. However, if I’m gonna buy a red shirt, I might as well get that other one I saw at Corte Inglés that I wrote about a couple entries back.

Barcelona and Portugal are too expensive for the long weekend next week, so I think I’m going to go hiking around the Sierra Nevada near Granada. I don’t think anyone’s down to go with me, so I guess I’m headin’ out alone. Lots of time to think. On some of the highest peaks in Iberia. Aparrently it has year round snow[?] [well. duh. Nevada] so I’ll get to see some. Finally. I’ll figure it out next week.

Oh btw, I love music. About an hour ago, Sra. Garcia told us that she found the cord for the organ she has in her house. Which is definitely from the 80s and looks like it could be called the FunTymParty Organ. Only about 2 octaves of it works, but she just absolutely lit up when I played Ave Maria. She was about to sing, but her throat is bothering her lately. I hope she gets better. She’s such a nice lady.

Hmm. Qué más… Oh. We went to the snazzy Plaza de Armas discoteca, Kudeta/Buddha. It’s neo-asian themed and three stories tall. The terrace on top is pretty ballin’. Drinks were hella expensive there though so we went back to the Calle Betis standards. Definitely comin’ back there post-botellón though. Great place to dance and nice atmosphere. Also. No cover. Sweet.

I’ve kept you picture-less long enough. Prepare for some jpg hemhorraging. I think you can click on the pictures to enlarge if you feel the need to do so. There are a lot for this one.

So I revisited the Alcazar and Gardens after Film on Tuesday:

Unsolicited info: Those flowers on the bottom right might look pretty, but their smell makes me nauseous. And they happen to be a plant of choice in the gardens around Sevilla. Just my luck.

We went on a bike ride through the city. Ky said that being on these bikes [which are tons better than the nasty Sevici bikes] made her feel like she was a kid. She was right. I mos def raced people through the Parque Maria Luisa and it was pretty awesome. Ky won though. Also, 20 people on bicycles going through the Sevilla streets is very unwieldy and ridiculous. Just saying.

PS. I’m sorry I’ such a child. The entire backside of this car just amused me. Intensely.

I decided to strike out on my own this morning and take the bus 8 km out of the city to Santiponce where there are some Roman ruins. I think I read that it was one of the oldest Roman settlements in Iberia[?] or maybe my Spanish just fails. Anyway, it was a nice walk. There was no one there at 10 AM on a Friday and it was good to get some fresh air.





And a final couple on the topic of food:

She keeps surprising us with new delicious things. Also. These Filipinos cookie things are really. really. good. I eat them during film.

Alright. Sorry this was a tad long. Uhm. Tomorrow we have an excursion to Córdoba and the day after, I’m headin out by myself to the city of Ronda. More to come!

One Response to ““don’t you waste me in the ground””
  1. gracealicious says:

    omg so cordoba is the place with the church with the checkers. forget whatever i was blabbing about when i last mentioned the checker church, because reading the name cordoba triggered my dormant art history memories. :D

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