“2 AM, summer night”

5-26-10 ~ 0:19

Who does folk covers of Kid Cudi? Barbara does. And it’s feckin’ awesome.

I’m feelin’ mostly bullets for this post.

– Ok so the featured picture is of Calle Asunción in Los Remedios and it was taken around 21:00 right before dinner. People here enjoy taking paseo around the neighbourhood around this time and I decided to join in. It’s pleasant. The reason why there is no series of malls here is because every street is like going to the mall. You just walk around and go into the stores that you like. The weather was very cool and breezy and I enjoyed ducking into bookstores and clothing stores in my search for [what else…] books and clothing. Which brings me to my next two points.

– I just can’t find cheap clothing here. The cheapest stuff I can find is still around 10 dollars U.S. and it’s basically just a plain cotton tee in different colors. No thanks. On a similar note, I’ve been wearing my cargo shorts because my jeans are in the wash and it contrasts wildly with the jean shorts and capri pants that the guys wear here. I’ve never owned a pair of the above items nor do I intend on doing so. I guess I’ll play the tourist card and continue not to understand European fashion.

– Shops I do enjoy going into, though, are the librerías, which sound like “libraries” but actually mean [surprise.] bookstores. A lot of the ones I went into sell books at wild manufacturer suggested prices but the one sponsored by the University of Sevilla has lots of different kinds of books for less than 5 euro. [Score]. What was even more surprising was the fact that I found ケロロ軍曹 aka Sgt. Frog in SPANISH for 1,50 each! If they weren’t so expensive, and didn’t take so much room in my suitcase, I’d get copies of Crónica del Pájaro que Da Cuenta al Mundo,  Kafka en la Orilla, and Guía del Autoestopista Galáctico. Such is life. You can’t always get what you want. Speaking of that last book, though, omgwhat it’s Towel Day? Douglas Adams would be proud to know that I did NOT forget my towel on this Euro-journey of mine. :]

– The bicycle rental thing is still working out incredibly. It’s even better when you’re just a little bit loose from the bar and headed home. I go home via Calle Asunción, so imagine that street in the featured picture, but completely empty, the whole road to yourself. And you’re just cruising by in the cool night air. Hell yuh.

– Sneaking into the kitchen to steal gazpacho from the fridge at 3 AM is pretty great.

– Sra. Garcia gave me a disc of her last concert with the choral society of Sevilla and it was very well done. I thought I left a lot of that stuff behind when I stopped band-ing, but I still enjoy watching rehearsals and concerts. I like how they did it in one of the older chapels of Sevilla where people have been singing for literally centuries. Nice. I can’t wait to see their concert in June.

– I know this is just an ornament displaying the traditional dress for Semana Santa in Sevilla, but having to see this on the counter every morning amuses me so. In the morning he looks pretty non-descript and harmless, but at night he sorta reminds me of Pyramid-Head from Silent Hill and he creeps me the fsck out.

– Apparently there is a saying in Spanish to express something that is out of place and it’s: “estar como una comida sin pan.” Yes. The Spaniards do  eat heavy amounts of bread with every meal. [In fact, my breakfast is usually just bread.] And  this brought to mind the fact that I’ve only had rice ONCE on this trip, signalling one of the longest periods of my life in which I have not had rice. It was strange to think of it that way. Haha.

– The movies we’ve been watching in Latin American Film aka Argentine Film are the most depressing. Ever. Just watch El Garage Olímpo. Or Valentín. [The latter was pretty good, but the former just made me want to kill myself.]

– I have a free long weekend next week, four days from June 3-6, and I don’t have any idea what I want to do. All I know is that I do not want to stay in Sevilla. Some people are going to Barcelona, and some to Rome. Some people suggested Portugal. WHERE SHOULD I GO?! I was thinking maybe the hill towns of southern Spain, beaches of Southern Portugal, Basque Country, or Barcelona. I don’t have to stay in Iberia, either. Intra-European flights are hella cheap. HELP ME OUT.

– I leave you with a fundamental rule of Andalusian living: Whichever room you are in, no matter what, will be the hottest room in the building. That is all.


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