“hoje sim, diz que sim. já cansei de esperar”

5/23/10 – 19:08

“Psh, that’s not spanish.” Cause it isn’t. It’s Portuguese.

Saturday, we went on an excursion to Jerez and Cádiz which are located to the south of Seville on the Atlantic Coast. Well. Cádiz is. Jerez is just a halfway point, I think. Jerez is famous for horses, fine wines, and flamenco. Cádiz is just a cool beach town.

Do take note that the events in this entry took place directly after the events of the previous entry, such that I woke up feeling very very sick and sleep-deprived. And oh, what luck! The first and only thing we were to do in Jerez was to visit Europe’s largest bodega! A bodega is a place where they produce wine. Needless to say, I went through the drying room tour with my hand clasped to my face because the smell of a gigantic room of fermenting sherry sort of made me want to die at that point. Under normal circumstances, I’d have thought the tour was pretty awesome. However, given my huge resaca [look it up. haha], it was probably not the smartest thing to do for me to be in a winery. Nonetheless, it was very interesting. The tour guide explained how all their stuff was made and we saw the horses that they keep on the grounds. Afterwards, there was a tiny degustación which sounds like “disgusting” but actually means “tasting”. It might as well have meant the former, though. I didn’t have any for obvious reasons, but everyone else tried some and I guess our taste buds are just too unsophisticated because according to everyone at the table, the three things we tried all sort of tasted very meh.  The little cups said Canasta. More like Canasty, though. The bodega redeemed itself, though, because they let us try a fourth thing that wasn’t made out of grapes. It was called Crema de Alba, and apparently it tastes like Bailey’s and everyone liked it. I was still out of it, but I really wanted to try some. :/ Oh well.

So that was Jerez. We got back on the bus and started heading for Cádiz, and if I could summarize Cádiz in one word, it would be “chill”. It is the quintessential beach town and everything is just lazy and awesome there. No visit to a European town would be complete without their favorite pastime, though. So we obliged and went up to the tallest building in the city and took pictures of the surrounding landscape. This was pretty cool though, the views were impressive and we could see for miles into the Atlantic Ocean.

Oh! I almost forgot the thing that made me love Cádiz’s cathedral a million times more. Directly in front of the cathedral was a display. You’d think they’d put in like. Jesus with children. Or. A parade of saints. Or. Angels. Cherubs. ANYTHING having to do with Christianity. No. They had DINOSAURS. A display of some vegetation and just massive models of DINOSAURS. Dinos and Jesus. A match made in heaven, in my opinion. :]

Afterwards, we headed to the beach which was nice. The girls just layed out and I waded in the water. Later we just people-watched. It almost slipped my mind that I was in Europe until I saw these middle-aged women walk by sans boob coverage and everyone in our group was just like … O_O;;. Yeah, haha. [if you look in the featured pic, you can see some of that action -_-]  There were a lot of young English guys on the beach. A LOT. And they were all playing football. It’s probably a popular place for those Brits to go during summer. I don’t blame them. We moved under some overhang when it got too hot, and just slept on the cool sand in the shade. So. Nice.

We came back to the Cathedral square a bit eary to wait for everyone to walk back to the bus, and I had a soda and a pastry called “pianono relleno de chocolate”. It was fluffy and delicious and dirt cheap. Have I told you that I love Cádiz already?

The bus back was full of sleep and more sleep. When we got back, Sra. Garcia had made us tortilla for dinner again. Perfectionnnnnnnnnnnnn.

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  1. Sandra says:

    That dinosaur this is… amazing.

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