“and I can take it, if it’s what I want to do”

5/22/10 22:41

Note to self. Never try to update your blog immediately after getting back from being out. That said, I’m sorry for any of you that read that incoherent entry that was half spanish, half english, and all nonsense.

I mean, the day went well enough. We went out to get ice cream/gelato after class and I had this amazing mango sorbet. Ice cream is big here. There’s tons of shops everywhere and it’s relatively cheap. They probably sell so well because it’s so damn hot all the time. While we were chillin’ on the steps of Iglesia San Salvador, a procession came by with its own brass band of kids in uniform. I wasn’t able to find out what the float was celebrating or commemorating, but it was interesting. Last time I saw a random procession was in the Philippines during holy week. The pilgrimage of Rocío is supposed to start at around 8 AM on Monday and that’s supposed to be pretty spectacular. I’ll post pictures of that when it happens.

Before I get to night-time shenanigans and how Sevilla/Spain in general may just rage too hard for my tastes, here are a couple of observations, happenings, and random thoughts, as per usual:

– Our oldest host brother looks like Jack Black. I find this amusing.

– Everyone smokes cigarettes. Everywhere. We’re pretty spoiled in America with the whole no smoking in public places policy. It was a shock when I came over here because I’m used to restaurants and the streets being smoke free. If you walk into a bar or club, it’s the first smell that hits you, usually.

– I was dragged into going to a dance class for the traditional dance of Seville, Sevillanas. [Hah. Yeah. I know.] I mean, it was pretty interesting and I had fun. Mad props to the people of Spain/Andalucia for being able to do that shizz though. It’s really hard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v7-irkk_gg We were supposed to look like that but we totally failed. Sorry, Spain. Your dances are too hxc for me.

– Here’s Chase and dinner. Just so you have a visual whenever I talk about either Chase, or where we live. I might do a picture walkthrough of my living space if I get bored. Idk.

Alright. Now on to last night’s activities. I’m glad my host mother is so understanding about us going out. After dinner she was definitely like “Es fin de semana, sí? Anda!” which basically means, it’s the weekend so go ahead and go crazy. Awesome. But yeah. So we made friends with a local that informs us about clubs and bars and their special offers. He invited us out last night, and Chase and I went and walked for quite some time until we reached O’Neill’s, the bar we were meeting at. I still had some wine left over from a mini-botellón I did earlier in the week so I put that in a fanta bottle and sipped on that on the way to the bar. We met up with everyone, around 10 people total, and Fernando, and went over to a bar nearby where we had drinks and just chilled. The offer was 3 drinks for 2 and we were there for a while, so I was pretty awesome by the time Fernando said we should start heading to the club. Mind you, we went to the club around 3. Entrance to the club was free, possibly due to Fernando [thanks, guy], and for every 5 women that entered as a group, we got a free bottle of vodka and like. 20 Fanta limóns. Not to mention the free drink ticket we got just for going in. Sweet deal. It was pretty poppin’ and filled with Spaniards and not Americans, which was cool. I danced a lot and made friends with drunken Spaniards as drunken Americans are wont to do. David, the other Asian guy on the trip, who isn’t used to drinking, got really messed up and passed out sitting up on a couch in the club. Next to a speaker. We took pictures with him while he was asleep. Funny stuff. All in all a pretty bitchin’ time. The only reason we left was because Chase checked his phone and it was definitely almost 5 so we caught a cab back home and that’s when I wrote that entry that was originally here before this edit.

We woke up in 3 hours to catch the bus for our excursion to Jerez and Cádiz. I got some pretty awesome pictures of those places and the stuff we did there, but they’re on Nova and Stephanie’s memory cards because I’m a dumb and forgot mine at home. ;_; I’ll write the entry, yeah, but I’ll upload the pictures when I get them on Monday, I guess.

One Response to ““and I can take it, if it’s what I want to do””
  1. gracealicious says:

    there was a girl in of my classes fall semester named rocio, and she said she was named that because her mother (i think) was so moved by that rocio pilgrimage thing, haha.

    everyone in japan smokes, too, so i guess you might as well get used to it there, lol.

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