why so serious?

5/20/10 – 10:03 AM

Hooray for short updates!

Yesterday morning’s wanderings took me back to the parque Maria Luisa across the bridge from Los Remedios where I went into the Museo Arqueológico where they have stuff from prehistoric to Roman times. Nothing I haven’t seen before, really. I like that picture on the left, though. It’s reassuring to know that even the Romans understood the concept of the D: face.

You know what else the Roman’s understood? Sexual tension. You can’t hide from me, Hadrian. I see you eyeing that statue over there. I SEE YOU.

The student ID from the university gets me into most cultural places for free, which is pretty sweet. The Archivo General de Indias was free anyway, though. No worries. That’s where I went to next. I was originally going to go to the Museo de Bellas Artes for all the paintings and sculpture, but I’ll leave that for today or tomorrow, methinks. But yeah. I thought the Archivo was going to be a bust, but it actually was really really interesting. It helped that they had this well-produced video that explained the history of the building and how it came to house the archives of ANYTHING having to do with Spain in the New World. So yeah. Sevilla was pretty important as far as early exploration of the Indies and Americas. Anything that came in from there had to pass through Sevilla first. I mean, they moved the port of departure to Cadiz to the South a little later, but they left Sevilla as the headquarters for all archival. Therefore, housed in the building are things like the agreements signed by Columbus, Cortés, and Legazpi, reports on native affairs, journals, and the Treaty of Tordesillas that totally short-changed Portugal. They had maps and correspondence under glass in the front of the small museum for each of the colonies. Including all the ones in South/Central America and also the Philippines. Cool stuff.

But yeah. I went to go looking for shirts and a new backpack because I’m running out of clothes and my bag is breaking. I couldn’t find anything cheap that I liked in the stores on the street or in the Corte Ingles department store, but I did find this:

the first is made in a club I SPEND RICH NIGHT TO DANCE to meet only one you

I almost got yelled at for snapping this photo. But I felt like I needed it.

Oh. Sevilla was playing against Atletico de Madrid [the team that won the cup while we were in the capital] last night. I think the UF kids are a good luck charm because Sevilla definitely won this match. They scored in the first four minutes and then again, 86 minutes later. Atlético didn’t score. But yeah. We went to a bar to watch it with pretty much the entire male population of Seville and they went crazy after the win. Not quite so intense as Madrid, but they were still waving scarves and honking like crazy at all hours of the night.

I leave you with this random observation. The word in spanish for something from Seville is “Sevillano/Sevillana” but when I’m trying to explain the same thing in English, I use the word Sevillian. Which sounds like civilian. Ahaha.

4 Responses to “why so serious?”
  1. gracealicious says:

    that shirt is golden.

    but it doesn’t quite match up to DIARRHEA IS FREQUENTLY EXPELLED FROM THE ANUS LOL that will never not be hilarious.

  2. Sam says:

    Hadrian basically had a whole villa dedicated to his sexual tension towards his secret gay lover. You’re right on da monies about him.

    And I can’t believe you didnt buy that shirt. GEEZ.

    • ochancoco191 says:

      lololol. I remember reading about that in intro to Art History. With the phallic ponds and grottos. :P Oh Hadrian, good for you.


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