“So. Much. Jesus”

I’m sorry I’m being so long-winded, but a lot is happening and I’ve got to keep up. Alright. So El Escorial is a monument where King Philip II of Spain [who gave his name to the Philippines] lived during the summer because his house in Madrid was just not swank enough to keep out the heat. Honestly, I understand why he chose this place, cause it’s high up in some mountains and it’s SO. COLD. I mean. It was definitely nice, but I only brought one jacket, expecting Spain to be broiling. Ah well.

I’m sort of angry that pictures are prohibited in all these awesome monuments [including the Prado] because my camera just itches to take awesome pictures of the crazy architecture and paintings. The basilica in El Escorial just blew me away. Philip II wanted this house to be “a palace for God and a hut for me.” So the basilica is gigantic and has bronze and granite and marble and paintings everywhere. I mean, his “hut” behind the basilica is still nice, but not nearly as grandiose as the basilica itself. We toured all the areas of the palace and also the mausoleum where a lot of the Kings and Queens of Spain are buried. There’s other rooms where family members are buried and a huge “torta” [cake] shaped monument that houses royal children that died before first communion. Creepy stuff. I like how there’s a “rotting room” where all the bodies are left to decompose before the bones are put into these huge marble coffins. Walking down the crypt walls was interesting. I felt like I was in Tomb Raider or something. Haw. Haw.

In accordance with glorifying God and what not, Philip II totally just plastered every free surface with paintings and sculptures of Jesus Christ and all these religious figures. Every room we went into had a crucifix, a painting of the crucifixion, or both. So. Much. Jesus. I have never before seen so many Jesuses [Jesi?] in my life.

After El Escorial, we bussed to Toledo [I was passed out the whole ride] and got settled in the hotel here. We were given the option to explore Toledo at night, and I just went out with people to dinner, where I got fscking AWESOME paella.

We went out to the plaza Zocodovér afterwards and ordered a pitcher of sangria. I enjoy it. I’m starting to catch on to wine and appreciate some of how it tastes. I liked the wine-y flavor of sangria. I liked the oranges and lemons that were sitting in it even more.

~ ~

Alright. Random thought time.

1) Spaniards tend to say “vale” a lot. It means “okay”. I think. I’ve never heard it before because I guess they don’t use it so much in Latin American spanish? I’m catching on to it. Speaking of things that are catching on, everyone uses vosotros here. And I think I’m starting to think in vosotros too. I always feared I would lose my “peruvian-sounding” spanish accent while I was in Spain, and I think it’s happening. I’m even using the “th” sound [as in gracias = “gra-th-ias”] Nooo00o0oooooo0oo. I guess it’s part of living here, though. When I get back to Florida and Latin spanish abounds, I’ll switch back to normal S’s and Ustedes. I hope.

2) It’s so dry in Spain. Not only in the air, but also in the lack of WATER. Everyone I’m with has been noticing that getting water to drink. Anywhere. Is difficult. There aren’t any public drinking fountains or anything. Water is expensive even in convenience stores. Everyone in the group just walks around parched. It doesn’t help that we’re at such a high altitude too. 800 meters above sea level?  I’ve been getting nosebleeds and it sort of sucks.

~ Second day in Toledo is Next, but I think I’m going to take siesta. right. now. ~

[I swear. I’ll stop with the frequent gigantic posts once I get settled in Sevilla. There’s just so much going on]

6 Responses to ““So. Much. Jesus””
  1. gracealicious says:

    you’re right, “vale” means “okay.” i never thought that the movies we watched in spanish would come in handy. XD we watched…shit…carmen, yeah, carmen, and my profe was like THEY ALWAYS USE VALE!!!! and they did always use vale, and for the first ten minutes of the movie, every time anyone said “vale,” she would be like CLASE! ENTIENDEN?? VALE!!! because she was crazy, lol.

    but the spanish movies were definitely better than the weird shit i had to watch in ib spanish v, which included bizarre office scenes and crazy ladies with prosthetic limbs. >>;

    • ochancoco191 says:

      You know what? They were just trying to prepare you for life in España porque my daily life consists of bizarre office scenes and crazy ladies with prosthetic limbs. Trufact.

      • gracealicious says:

        la verdad sobre espana es chotto kowai then. jinjja.

        when you come back, i will do the crazy lady with the prosthetic limb’s insane dance. and song. have i ever mentioned that i spent the last two years of high school in a state of para-delirium?

  2. Doss says:

    Yesssssssss, finally you understand me!! hahahahaha. Vale is like the best word ever, vosotros is very useful, and el accento castellano es el mejor del mundo, no? jajajajajaja

    It is dry, but isn’t it nice? You don’t sweat. Ohh and since its summer you can order Tinto de Verano!!! It’s as good as water. its a mix of casa (house red wine) with coke and a squirt lemon tonic all on ice. and it is deliciousssss.

    give in to spain and the mother spanish language/culture lol

  3. Doss says:

    p.s. I never got to see El Escorial but I hear (and read from you as well) how amazing it is. Glad you have been having an awesome time. You are really making me miss Spain so much. Savor every moment over there. I’ll give you some more recommendations (like def go to Cordoba to visit the city as well as la mezquita catedral! And then go to Granada and visit Alhambra!! Those are musts, specially since you will already be living in Andalucia)

    • ochancoco191 says:

      We actuall have weekend excursions to Granada/Nerja, Cordoba, and Cadiz/Jerez. I’m so excited and glad we have the opportunities to do stuff like that. I’m also planning on going to some of the hill towns in Andalucia too!

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