Holy Toledo

5/16/10 – 3:09 AM – El Hotel Beatriz, Toledo, España

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking this time. Here’s a little background on the city of Toledo, though. It was basically the holy capital of Spain, and also the capital capital for a while before they moved it to Madrid. Christian, Jews, and Muslims all lived there and there’re signs of it everywhere. It’s built on a hill and it’s famous for its cathedral, having the second oldest synagogue in Europe, being the home of the painter El Greco, and making swords for movies [like Lord of the Rings and Gladiator].

Our tour took us to a monastery, that synagogue mentioned above, the Cathedral, and the church that houses Greco’s master work, El Entierro del Conde Orgaz [The Burial of Count Orgaz], and that synagogue I mentioned earlier.

This is that monastery we visited. Lots of sculpture. Lots of Gothic. Lots of saints err’whurr. Including the one on the right, which Stephanie pointed out to be the first alcoholic martyr. Doesn’t it look like he’s brown-bagging it?

On the bottom left is the Catedrál de Toledo. Gigantic! Beautiful! No pictures allowed inside. As per usual.

Remember how I said Toledo was situated on a hill? There it is up there. When we were leaving, our bus detoured to a road running across the river so we could see this view. Sweeeet.

And if you know me at all. You understand that poorly translated English amuses me to no end. I didn’t think I’d find too much in Europe, but surprise, I guess.

Since we get free wi-fi in this hotel, I was able to Skype my dad. Or, he was able to Skype me, rather. One of his first questions was as follows:

Dad: “are you living with your foster family yet”

Me: “no, we meet our host families tomorrow.” -_-;;

~ ~

On a completely unrelated note, while I was looking for the file for the audio up there, I found this youtube video which makes me lawl. Hard. I love this guy:


Finally off to Seville tomorrow, to meet our [foster] families and get situated.

2 Responses to “Holy Toledo”
  1. A nice introduction to Toledo, I have been there twice and have really enjoyed the place!

  2. gracealicious says:

    omg have you seen the cathedral with the like…checkers? there was a term, but lol, ofc i don’t remember.

    and i definitely legit lol’d irl when i played that audio file. it’s a good thing i am alone right now. XD

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