Oh, the [people] you’ll [meet]!

::edit:: – 5/11/10 3:50 PM. Atlanta International Airport

Hellooooooooo Hotlanta! It’s sort of ridiculous the way Delta is juggling me around, but thanks to the valiant efforts of a certain Claudia at the International Rerouting desk, I’ll be arriving in Madrid around 5 PM tomorrow. Without having to book a bus! :D I won’t be welcomed by the French though. I was rerouted to Brussels. I have a six hour lay-over in Brussels now before a direct flight to Madrid, but it’s alright. I’ll deal.

It might sound dumb, but I never realized how fast planes travel. Like. In the time it takes from me to get from Miramar to West Palm Beach in my car, I went from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta. Crazy.

But yeah. I’m stuck here for another hour and a half. Without internet [way to fail, ATL Int’l]. So I’m typing this up on notepad for later postage. I wonder if Brussels will have free interwebz. I do hope so.

I was planning on buying something to eat here, but when I saw that a cheeseburger at the McDonalds was $2.35, I figured I’d subsist on the candy I brought. At least until the airline dinner. I vaguely remember airline food to be mildly to severely unpalatable, but I guess I’ll see if they’ve improved. Their entertainment sure has. They showed an episode of the Office on my way to Atlanta and I really enjoyed it, considering it was my first episode. Guh, I’m so behind on television.

I guess I’ll rearrange my luggage and wait for my trans-atlantic flight. I haven’t been taking any pictures, but I guess I will once I’m in new territory. See ya on the other side of the Atlantic, people.

~ ~

My clock says 12:11 Am, but I don’t trust it because we’re definitely somewhere over the Atlantic right now and the time zones keep changing. We’re supposed to arrive in Brussels at around 11 AM local time over there. I think I still have six hours to go.

OMG We’re Reisegeschwindigkeit-ing at 1009 km/h!

Funny, though, the turbulence at first was rocking me to sleep, but then it woke me up and won’t let me go back to bed. Such is life.

Oh. They also showed episodes of 30 rock and How I met your mother. Add those on to the list of shows I need to watch. -_-

But in any case, meet Greg and Helen. They’re the ones awkwardly touching hands in the featured picture. I met them for the first time shortly before we boarded. However, we ended up switching seats on the plane specifically so we could sit together. Funny how things happen. Greg struck up conversation with me via a shared love for Super Mario 3, which I was playing on my laptop emulator. He’s a cool kid. He goes to university in Texas, but his parents live in Europe because his dad works for NATO. So he visits them once every year or so. He enjoys gaming, good music, and rocking his spiffy sweater vest because “you never get stopped at airports if you’re wearing a sweater-vest and look like you know where you’re going.” Helen goes to Georgia State and she speaks fluent Portuguese because she’s from Brazil. She’s going to go see her sister in Brussels whom she hasn’t seen for ten years. It’s her first time in Europe as well. We’re all 19.

These are people I’d never have met otherwise, and I will probably in all honesty never see them after I get off the plane in Brussels, but they make for good company. I love fate and random chance. People just flit in and out of your life all the time, but sometimes it gives you good travel buddies. Even for a 9-hour jump across the Atlantic.

~ ~

5/12/10 12:19 PM Brussels International Airport.

I’m in Brussels. It’s very cold.

Ok. So I waved bye to Helen and Greg. Greg said that I could mos def stay at his house in the southern nub of Holland if I needed to and we’d go hit up Amsterdam and stuff. Hellzyuh.

I was very confused trying to get into the main airport because I had to pass through immigration and they asked me what my business was here, and I told them it was to study in Spain. The guy then switched to Spanish in a heavy Dutch accent and I totally lost him. So he switched back into English and I got embarrassed.

Delta screwed up again and Brussels Airlines was booked solid, even though all systems were go when I left Atlanta. I’m going on an Iberia Airlines flight now, which was simple enough. After dealing with Delta again, I figured I needed food. So I go to this supermarket [because all the restaurants are cafe style and expensive as hell] and I get some pastries [which were delicious] and lo and behold, I make my first legal alcoholic purchase. Except it was totally inadvertent.

I didn’t want to just get a coke, so I went over to where all the fruit juices were. I picked a nice looking can that had cherries on it. I go through the registe and then I sit down to eat outside. Upon opening the can, I’m like. Hold on. This isn’t cherry soda.

It’s cherry beer from Brussels. It was very good. :]

Right now, I’m stealing electricity from the Brussels airport [THERE ARE NO OUTLETS. ANYWHERE. I’M NEXT TO A SODA MACHINE] and failing at stealing their interwebz. My flight to Madrid departs around 15:00 and arrives around 18:00. From Barajas International in Madrid, I have to first find out how to use the Metro, then take the Metro to Atocha station, at which point, I can probz find the hotel. Wish me luck. Again. I’m off to use the restroom.

[PS, I’d take more pictures but the Brussels airport is pretty drab. Landing there, however, was beautiful. This suburban area of Brussels is very green and all the houses are so pretty. Can’t wait to come back.]

2 Responses to “Oh, the [people] you’ll [meet]!”
  1. Doss says:

    Lucky!!! How was Brussels? Did I tell you I love that city (and Belgium)?? Next time you are there, you must go to Delirium! and drink more beer! lol congrats on the first purchase, i bet it was yummy.

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