¡Bienvenido a Madrid!

So as my luck would have it, my flight got delayed. Again. For two hours. I was stuck in Brussels International for about… six hours after I landed there. Dumb. But in any case, I made it onto the Iberia flight and got into Madrid around three hours ago. Madrid International is architecturally ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean cool.

After getting off, I utilized my survival Spanish to figure out how to get a ticket on the metro so I could get to the hotel. I feel like every person I ask for assistance in Madrid is the same nice old man. The guy who walked with me and guided me through the subway system. The guy who bade me “adios” even though I was in an elevator with him for 30 seconds. The guy who pointed out where Paseo Del Prado was. Yeah. Nice people. Even though subway man told me to guard my crap because thieves abound.

I got to the hotel and I had missed the introductory meeting and what not. And also dinner. Which explains why I’m hungry right now. But it’s ok. 10:41 is not too late for dinner in Spain. I think. Since everybody already ate, I’m gonna go out on the street and find something to eat. It’s pretty crazy out there because I think Spain is playing some other team in football tonight. There are men with flags draped around them screaming and singing down there. I can hear them from my sixth floor hotel window.

OH. Speaking of the hotel. I was total fail when I got in because I didn’t know how to turn on the lights. I spent around 5 minutes in almost complete darkness wondering how to turn them on until I realized there was a slot in the wall for my card, and I had to keep my card there to turn on the electricity.  This way, you can’t leave the lights on in the room when you leave [unless you’re dumb and you leave your key in your room]. Oh Spain. You’re so energy conscious.

They also have a bidet. A BIDET. I was confused as to how to use it until I realized something. If you’re Filipino, you’ll get me on this one. It’s just an automated tabo. It demystified the bidet for me. Lol.

~ ~

So I went to go eat at this bocadilleria next door to the hotel, which is bascially a sandwich shop. This one was called Museo de Jamón. I got a HUGE sandwich for one euro [sweet]. And a glass of cerveza because beer is cheaper than water here. Literally. A glass of water is one euro, and a caña of cerveza is 80 euro cents.

Btw, I think Spain won the football match. People are setting off firecrackers in the streets and screaming and singing. At 12:30 in the morning.

I should probably get to sleep. Early day tomorrow.

5 Responses to “¡Bienvenido a Madrid!”
  1. Sam says:

    Museo de Jamon? Is that like…Ham Museum? Brilliant.

    I am enthralled with your adventures already!

  2. Lauren says:

    I think if you find a mean person in Spain, it would be a rare thing. All of them tend to be pretty friendly. How was your experience with Iberia, despite the delay? It’s always been my parents choice of flight to Spain, and I found their food better than other airlines last time I flew. Also, be careful with that jamon en El Museo de Jamon — Since it tends to be coarser and heavier than other hams, it can either be an awesome drinking companion or a napalm bomb to your stomach!

    • ochancoco191 says:

      They’re all pretty nice. It’s just the languge barrier. If we try speaking in Spanish and don’t get it out perfectly, they get frustrated and the conversation switches to English. Meh. It’s alrigh though. We’ll get better at it, I hope.

      Iberia was fine, I was asleep the whole time, but it was like flying coach with any other airline, I think.

      Jamonnnnnnnn. Yes. Heavier than other hams I’ve had back home, but more delicious as well!

      • Lauren says:

        Coco, everything tastes better in Spain. Don’t act surprised. Just eat a tortilla bocadillo on my behalf. Delicious shit, yo.

  3. Doss says:

    OMG I ate at museo del jamon! they have really good bocadillos de jamon cerrano. mmm jamon cerrano. (and sandwich mixto too) Madrilenos know how to party after futbal games :D btw next time you are in madrid stay outside sol or in chueca ^_^ still need to get you info for madrid

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