it is time

Alright. Now I’m scared. Well. Not scared, but more anxious than anything. My belongings are strewn about the floor, and I’m puzzled as to how I’m going to fit it all into this one suitcase. My flight leaves in around 10 hours and I’m heading to Fort Lauderdale International in around 6 and a half. So yeah, you could say it’s crunch time.

What do I do in face of this pressure? I get on facebook, update this blog, and start downloading this gigantic Kpop sampler that Grace put together on her livejournal. I’m so logical. I technically have five and a half hours until the alarm on my phone goes off to wake me up. But I don’t think that matters because I can’t sleep anyway.

In other news, my last day in Pines for a while was pretty sweet. Jesse came down from Georgia Tech a couple days ago and we just hung out all day today. Did things like:

– Visit school, and by “visit school” I mean
a) Mrs. Hawkins [The Hawk don’t need a Twitter. She’s already following you]
b) Mr. Zeller [You’ll always be my favorite gay uncle from Ohio]
– Go to Jamba Juice [cause I haven’t been in about two years]
– Eat at the Ark [wherein I confused a gigantic tub of butter for a gigantic tub of ice cream. Fail.]
– Contemplate important things. Like how that Michael Bublé song, “Haven’t Met You Yet” definitely sounds like “Love Song”, by Sara Bareilles. At least superficially. Hence: “I Just Haven’t Write You a Love Song” and “Not Gonna Met You Yet” among other such FOB-by titles.

Oh Cheung siblings. I’m gonna miss you.

For now, though, I have the choice of adding this 400 MB of K-Pop to my iTunes, or trying to figure out how to stuff my life into this bag again. Let’s see if I make the right decision.

One Response to “it is time”
  1. gracealicious says:

    …lmao i feel oddly proud that i was a distraction. am a distraction. whatever. XD

    you know you want to hear rain’s dulcet tones on your viaje a europa though. :’D

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