“tell the ones that need to know…”

This song is from the Avett Brothers’ album from mid-last year. I don’t remember too much else from them, but I liked this one.

Home will always be home. Every time I come back, the same people will be there, and we’ll end up doing the same random stuff which is, in all honesty, completely fine with me. The last two days have been filled with a lot of seeing people before I leave. It still hasn’t hit me fully yet that I’m about to get on a plane and sequester myself on another continent for a little while, but that’s probably because my suitcase/backpack is still[!] empty and has its tags on. [That’s gonna change tomorrow.]

Went to the Flanagan percussion recital yesterday to see my self-termed “percusión rayos del sol” because Joni, Gio, and Katya Svetlana sort of light up my life. I like the warm welcome I get from the band people whenever I come back to my high school. Even though it will probably wear off in about a year as more kids I don’t know filter into the program, it’s nice and I’ll enjoy it while it lasts, haha. But yeah, those three did phenomenally as usual and I headed out to check out this Yogurtland place I keep hearing about that just opened.


Yogurtland is pretty much Mochi, but:
a) Cheaper [30 cents an ounce!] and
b) in Pembroke Pines.

It’s a Japanese franchise, I believe, and it’s definitely now on my list of places to hit up every time I come back. If this yogurt craze lasts, that is. Kudos to you, though, Yogurtland.





We wandered around Publix afterwards at around 10:45 because, y’know, that’s how we do >_>. I’m glad no matter how old anyone gets, we still get to be children. Hah.



Spent today with Sam and Sandra. [cuz we don’t need no one else]. But also because they’re heading back up to FSU and UF, respectively, tomorrow morn. We went down to Dania Beach because Dania totally trumps Hollywood and I sorta got rid of my farmer’s tan. The water was a nice temperature and not cold at all. Score. Spent a lot of time just catching up and lazing about. We rode all the way back with the top of Sandra’s BMW down which was totally better than the alternative. Aka my dinky Honda Civic that is falling apart all over the place. ;_;

In any case, we all went home to tidy up and met at Yogurtland [yeah. it’s that great] before heading to the cinema[rk] to watch Babies. Yes. Babies. It’s a Focus Features film that is just about these four Babies and their first year of life. [right?] Sandra wanted to see it and I guess it was as cute as a movie about babies can get. I mean. Come on. Who WOULDN’T like babies when all the messy stuff is edited out? It was like flipping through one of those Anne Geddes coffee table books with the pictures of sleeping babies. Except in feature film form. I think my favorite part was Mari, the 日本人 baby getting frustrated at life because of some toy rings. And despite her baby-angst, it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. Yeah. If I could describe the experience of watching that film, it’d probably be like going “D’awwwwwwww” for about an hour and change. Continuously. Lol.

We all went home afterwards and like I said, when they said, “see you in the fall! :D Have fun on your trip!” I was still like. Lolwut. Thanks for the well-wishes and have a safe trip back to correge, you two. When I got home, things became a bit more tangible. I had to print out my e-ticket for my flight, and now I have to make some calls tomorrow to re-confirm. Eep.

Oh. And if anybody wants me to get anything for them from Europe while I’m out and about, just inform me via comment or fb or whatever. On my list I’ve already got:

– “A Toblerone” for Arielle
– “Something cute” for Asianstasia
– “A hot European guy… Preferably alive” for Sandra.

So yeah. It runs the gamut. I’ll try my best, yo. 頑張るぞ。

What’s the countdown at again? 4.5 days. CRAZY SHIT. 

One Response to ““tell the ones that need to know…””
  1. gracealicious says:

    you told me you’d get me something. i’m holding you to this. :| :|

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