5/30/10   –   21:25 Note: Contrary to the song title, Ronda is located South and East of Sevilla. :x Yup. Today I went out to one of the pueblos blancos [white hill towns] of Andalusía, Ronda. This one in particular is famous for being built with a gorge running down the middle of the town, spanned by … Continue reading

Sábado Cordobés

5/29/10  –  23:37 Córdoba sits pretty upon the Guadalquivir river about an hour and a half east of Sevilla by bus. It’s a town which housed three religions [kind of like the rest of … everywhere in Spain]. It was the site of a native Iberian town, a Roman city, a Muslim stronghold, among other … Continue reading

“don’t you waste me in the ground”

As a preface, I’m sorry for all the sleepy chill acoustic music. I think of blog ideas in the morning and late afternoon usually, and that feeling sort of bleeds into the soundtrack selection :x School is school, language is fine and non-work-intensive. A whole new batch of ISA students came in from all over so now we have … Continue reading

“2 AM, summer night”

5-26-10 ~ 0:19 Who does folk covers of Kid Cudi? Barbara does. And it’s feckin’ awesome. I’m feelin’ mostly bullets for this post. – Ok so the featured picture is of Calle Asunción in Los Remedios and it was taken around 21:00 right before dinner. People here enjoy taking paseo around the neighbourhood around this … Continue reading

“sunday, get up on my way”

Lazy Sunday. It’s how I like it. There won’t be too much content in this post, I took a walk around the city and had a lot of time to just take it in and think. And snap some pictures too, of course. Spaniards take their Sundays so seriously here. I woke up at around … Continue reading